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A Passion

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Ahh... photography.

Photography is an art form. It is a form of 2-D art. It can either be film or digital. Now, as a photographer, digital is becoming way more popular than film. Film is becoming outdated because of the long process and because digital is just so fast and easy. Personally, I really enjoy the aesthetic of film.

As an artist, I feel like my work isn't the best it could be. I feel like the other artists around me do better work than me. But, deep down, I know that isn't true. I know I can do better within my work to achieve that look I've been searching for. I just need to photograph more and work harder.

I've been a photographer for a few years now. In my junior year of high school, I fell in love with the art of photography. Especially with portraiture. I just love capturing people and how they express their emotions and thoughts. Everyone is just so unique and I want to capture it all.

Another thing I love to capture is nature. I know, basic, but it's true. I love how the world looks and everything is just so different. Nature-wise, I normally capture flowers or some sort of plant, the sky, or the architecture of a building.

The type of camera I shoot with is a Nikon D3200 and the lens I usually use is a 300mm. Great lens, great camera. I use a 50mm still lens for my portraits.

What I don't like is when other people use a camera when they are shooting on double auto, which means they shoot on automatic and with autofocus. But, thats just me. Manual is where to go! :)

A great tip I received from my high school photo teacher is that you start shooting one thing. Then advance to another. You keep doing that until you find what you really what to photograph. For me, I started to with street photography, then I went with nature photography, then portrait photography. When I reached portrait photography I just KNEW that is where my niche is. I just fell in love with it.

Digital is great and all, but film... I love the idea of it and working with film. I love the process of it all. It may be a long process, but the end results are always great. I especially love working with a Holga camera. The idea of merging two photos into one is just so pleasing.

I will be showcasing both my film work and digital work soon. I just have to go through thousands of images and many, many SD cards.

Nina Marie
Nina Marie
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