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5 things about "Sea King" Namor

By Chris PagianPublished 5 months ago 6 min read

Along with Marvel at San Diego Comic-Con, announced the news of many subsequent Phase V works (and some are expected to be announced at D23 in September), many subsequent Marvel new work trailer is also online, these days may be more discussion is one of the "Black Panther 2".

Compared to the first "Black Panther", "Black Panther 2" in the shooting period is very "difficult", from the death of the lead actor to the core cast of inappropriate comments and the impact of the epidemic, and even in the middle of the director took time to go to the bank to get money can be arrested as a robber ......

However, the final movie is also considered stumbling production completed, and from the first trailer announced at Comic-Con, "Black Panther 2" still has a very large number of points set.

For example, how does Marvel deal with Richard Vick Boseman's version of Black Panther?

Another example is, who is the new Black Panther of Marvel?

These questions are now the focus of many fan discussions, and before there are fans in the background private message to me, want me to find the opportunity to talk about Marvel these online "Sea King" Namor.

So today we'll talk about some of the settings for Namor.

[1] Marvel's firstborn son, the full language achievement.

As the first hero character created by Marvel, Namor's identity as the eldest son on the Marvel side, but did not let it become the first online film version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe role, and this is because Namor in the original setting is not too pleasing, and even, in many fans here, Namor has always been a "troublemaker".

The original Namor had also caused a tsunami to flood the Wakanda dispute, which is also to maintain a long period of hatred between Wakanda and Atlantis, the two sides you and me, there has always been friction.

But back to Nama itself, because of half-human blood, so Nama can go to the position of Atlantis sea king today, the hardships can also be imagined, but this hardship also brings a lot of talent for Nama.

Typical is.

In the original Nama is a person who speaks almost any kind of language on earth, this is also because Nama's territorial sea is connected to almost every continent, and, the sea trade also allowed Nama to be able to contact different languages.

[2] Nama had been related to the freezing and unfreezing of the American team.

In the ancient early comic period of the comic, set once Nama patrol of the seven seas, accidentally found a tribe of faith is not the god of the sea, but a human ice sculpture from nowhere.

Namor looked at these obviously from the ocean to obtain the survival of the tribe, not to believe in the ocean but to believe in an inexplicable human-shaped ice sculpture, a nameless fire directly erupted, and in a rage will be the entire ice sculpture thrown into the ocean, and in fact, it is Namor's operation, prompted the subsequent unsealing of the U.S. team from the ice.

And in some of Marvel's plot settings in the World War II era, is also set to the U.S. team and Namor and others together against the Nazi forces, known as the Golden Age Marvel triumvirate.

[3] Founding members of Marvel's top organizations.

Namor itself represents the power of the Earth's marine Atlantis, so, when Marvel formed the "Illuminati", Namor represents that marine power is naturally an integral part of it.

Interestingly enough.

Although we are in an organization, for Namor, not all the decisions of the Illuminati, he will comply with, in fact, in the Illuminati that year, the existence of the Hulk is a threat to the Earth, so the decision to send the Hulk to the outer planets, for this decision Namor was voted against.

In Namor's view, the Illuminati such a decision is wrong, for this reason, after this incident Namor once separated from the Illuminati, and even in the process of opposing this matter, Namor once disliked Iron Man, if not Dr. Strange to stop, Namor almost Iron Man directly drowned in the sea.

[4] Namor had almost split the family of Mr. Fantastic and the invisible woman.

In Marvel's many hero organizations, the Fantastic Four is considered a relatively special existence, because it is Marvel's first family-based hero organization, and Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman are the typical husband and wife in the Marvel universe.

Their son Franklin Richards is also known as Marvel's strongest elementary school student, birth is the omega level of mutants, with the creation of a pocket universe that is simply not too easy.

But in the life of this family, but also almost because of Namor appeared to split the event:

In the original comics, Nama had a strong affection for the invisible woman, more embarrassing is that in the comics invisible woman also does not know which tendon is wrong, but even responds to her good feelings for Nama, it is also after this incident, the two sides are also generated beyond the feelings of friendship, but ultimately not too much.

The poor thing is that the other side of Mr. Fantastic is also unaware of the whole process!

Until after the plot of the invisible woman had been hit by the opponent's attack, and coincidentally the opponent can amplify the target's innermost desire for emotion, the result of this period of the invisible woman was released the greatest desire is actually and Namor together, and then become the queen of Atlantis themselves ~

I can only say that Mr. Fantastic at this time the top of the head should be comparable to the green prairie.

[5] Namor is a mutant and was one of the hosts of the Phoenix Force.

In the character attributes set, Nama's positioning is actually a mutant, in addition to being able to move freely in the water and survive, Nama's ankle also has set wings, to enable Nama to achieve a short flight, and even, if Nama is injured, as long as he returns to the water, will be able to achieve a faster wound healing.

However, this attribute does not seem to be very applicable to the wings at Nama's ankles. Whether on land or in the ocean, it takes a long time for Nama to recover from an injury to his wings at his ankles.


In the comics, Namor was also one of the hosts of the Phoenix Force, however, only 1/5 of the Phoenix Force, this plot occurs in the comic "Avengers VS X-Men", in the Earth when the mutants are nearly extinct, a Phoenix Force descended to Earth, but because of the fear of the year the Black Phoenix incident again, so the reunion decided to destroy this force in advance.

The other side to laser eye as the head of the mutant is advocating the admission, in the confrontation, Iron Man's anti-phoenix power armor blasted away the phoenix power, the phoenix power formed 5 points, respectively, fell on 5 mutants, and Namor is one of them, the 5 people are also the Marvel comics "Phoenix Five Apostles" (laser eye, Namor, secret guest, Steel Rex, White Queen Emma).

And after obtaining this power, Namor then launched a tsunami, on a flooded Wakanda operation.


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