How to Take Good Photos

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Not just for you but for animals too.

How to Take Good Photos
Blondie, my dog.

Do you want to take good photos? Of you? An animal or pet? Or just scenery or outside? I will give you some good tips. First, I will talk about how to take photos of you. The only thing is I didn’t want to show my face. After, I will talk about how to take pictures of animals. Finally, I will talk about the scenery. Most of the tips are the same. Scroll down to see how I took some good photos using my tips. I will show some photos I took too! I will also tell you how to take photos with your phone and what app to use to edit photos.

Photos of Yourself

My dog, butterscotch.

Usually, you look better in the mirror than when you take a picture with your phone. Hold down your home button to take a lot of photos at the same time. Scroll through them and you might find a nice one. Use VSCo to edit your photos. I like to use the grain because it makes it look nicer. I don’t like filters, but you can use Snapchat or Instagram to use a filter on your face. Add hearts around you and emojis. Change the background color. Use a background so your photo looks better. Use the photo timer and use flash. It looks dull when you don’t use flash. Always scroll down to see a photo I edited with VSCO. Go outside for good lighting. During the golden hour will make your photos better. That's around sunset, like a half hour before. I recently found out that cars have good lighting too, during the day.

Photos of Animals


To take good photos of your pet, go outside. The lighting will be better than inside. When you take the photo, use flash. It makes the photo not be dull. Hold up a treat or call their name so they can focus. Take multiple pictures so you can find the perfect one. Make sure the background isn't messy. Take photos at multiple angles. Use Instagram so you can focus on the animal. It will blur out the background. Make sure the animal is calm. It might take a while. Dress them up, or bring them somewhere. The key is lighting. If you take photos outside, try with both flashes and without because it might be bright enough and sometimes flash makes the eyes of your pet different colors in pictures.

Here is a picture of my dog, but keep scrolling down for how to take good pictures while outside. I used some of my tips from before to take this picture and the other pictures of my dog.

Keep scrolling down if you want to see how I took this photo and how to take good photos of outside.

How to Take Good Picture of Scenery/Outside

after a storm

Go outside to take these good photos. Use flash so they do not look dull. Try to take photos after it is raining. Take multiple in different places at different angles. Try to take some photos when the sun is setting or rising. Do not zoom in while taking photos. It will look bad and so will the quality. Never take pictures of the sun, moon, or stars. Never do this. It will always look bad, especially if you zoom in. Use a professional camera to take these type of photos. Go closer to where you want to take the photo. Do this for any kind of photo you take. Try setting up your camera on top of something. Take your time. Try taking pictures in the morning and night. Sometimes in the morning, you do not need flash. Try to press on the part you want to really see on your phone so it can focus on it more. If you take photos outside, try with both flash and without because it might be bright enough.

The Edited Picture

Here is the photo I edited on VSCO. Before it was a brighter shade of pink, everything was lighter and different. Thank you for viewing my article.

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