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Capturing the essence of nature

By Carla SofiiLove Garcia Published 3 years ago 4 min read

Appreciation for what we have

Every opportunity I get, I will be outside taking a picture of the one thing in this life that is free; Nature. Mother Nature doesn’t care about looks, appearances, aging, nor superficial interests, she shows off all her beauty and all her flaws, and doesn’t cares what we think. Mother Nature bares it all with such grace that we can sit and stare at her for hours. At least I do. I have gone to the same places multiple times just to get a glimpse of the same view, because to me it’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! The beaches, the forests, the lakes, the drives down the coast… every corner, every turn has its breathtaking moment, we just have to learn how to take it in and appreciate it.

Taking life for granted

I learned to appreciate the outdoors later into my adulthood, I was comfortable staying in my house, watching the nature channel, when it dawned on me, why not just step outside the door and see it for myself? I started driving down Pacific Coast Hwy, towards Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach… and opened my world to all these beautiful places. I learned to enjoy life from a different angle; a different lens of you would. I would take my phone, whether one I had at the time, with my charger, and ready to discover new places. To me, the beach is like a little peace of paradise; it’s so fresh, crisp, clear, astonishing, gorgeous and visually appeasing. Then there are the mountains, valleys, rivers, and much more that we take for granted, and don’t appreciate enough as we should.

The sky’s the limit

If I could see the world from an aerial view all the time, trust me, I would never come down. I was flying to New York for the first and only time in my life in the picture above, and capture that moment in the best essence that I could. I start to appreciate the privilege of the things that I used to take for granted, and opened my eyes to take it all in. I used to work for an outsourced company of AMEX Travel for the Platinum Cardholders, and I used to always tell them “you are so lucky that you get to travel so much and see the world!”, they sometimes responded “yes, I am privileged to have the opportunity to travel and take my family with me”. I admired those that had the capability to explore the unseen territories and corners of the world, and just to see the pictures that they would capture was fascinating. But when I have traveled, I had the time of my life.

Road trip, here I come!

I took a road trip once to Colorado, just for the heck of it. I always had the idea that I would one day move to Colorado, made plans to move by the time I was 30, and hasn’t happened yet. I’m still hopeful and aspiring to take the plunge, but it will happen in due time. I took my road trip on October 11, 2019, on my way I called my job and told them that I couldn’t make it, I was worried that I would lose my job; they were very understanding. As I went on my venture, I couldn’t help but stop and take many pictures, just in case it would be my only time I would get the opportunity. I planned to take naps in between, drink lots of coffee, and not get a room until I got there; I took my big comforter, a pillow, and a small backpack with clothes. On into the world I went. There was so much I had never seen, that I practically stopped everywhere to take pictures.

From town to town… and all around!

I started through Arizona, into Utah (picture above), and then eventually ended up in Colorado; I full 16-hour drive. Nap and coffee breaks were much needed, but I was determined to get to my destination. The closer I got to Colorado, the more beautiful the scenery would get; I knew that’s where I wanted to be. When my family found out where I was going, they were so worried that I was by myself, in a new place I’d never been, and scared that it was snowing… but I kept on. I finally arrived, I was only there for one day and one night, but it was the best hours of my existence!

The beauty is in the eye of the beholder

I take unusual pictures sometimes, some for which I look back and ask myself why I took them; then I examine the picture and remember the moment that captivated my attention. The picture above is of a a cathedral in New York that seemed so beautiful and majestic to me, that I had to capture it as best I could. If given the opportunity, I would go back and take a better one. But I cherish the moments I’ve had to capture every single moment of that experience and live in it. Pictures do truly tell a story with just one clip, it can tell a whole lifetime, even tell remember forgotten moments. I have kept a few pictures that make no sense now, but when I took them, they meant everything to me.

A picture says a thousand words

Photography is so meaningful and so mesmerizing, with just one click of a button, you can create a whole new world… a story… a whole new life. I enjoy pictures whether I’ve taken them myself or not. Photography is one of my passions, and I will continue to catch a moment whenever possible.


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Carla SofiiLove Garcia

Writing is my passion... find me on Twitter @goddesswriter90.

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