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by bry berrywil about a month ago in art

A Monthly E-Zine for Concept Art & Justice

I’m a person of expanding passions.

They seem to cycle, with a new emphasis every couple of years. But really they snowball and accumulate.

If you had followed me in 2014, 2015, and 2016, you’d have found someone ENTHUSIASTIC about social justice. People went to my page to explore social critical theory.

In 2017 2018 and 2019, I was known for my spirituality. People followed me to learn about tarot, chakras, deities from different religious systems. People messaged and consulted with me about natal charts and crystals. I started a spiritual counseling business and helping people work with their intuition, and learning about channeling, clairvoyance and mediumship. They asked me about intuitive eating, plant medicine and holistic healing. And also social justice!

In 2020 people followed me and got color and pattern play, and lipstick swatches and sustainable fashion. I was learning and sharing about costuming and fashion anthropology. So my followers got that, and social justice! And spirituality!

In 2021 my followers have seen me develop a portfolio of my different arts as a multi hyphenate. They watch me post concept art and comment on my photo shoots. I share about my concepts and the motivations behind them which tend to be justice driven or help me heal in some way.

Art is my focus, and I create at the intersection of all of these spaces!

My art is always driven by healing and justice.

I listened to a podcast once were Ava Duvernay said she displayed what she could do with “$20 and a paper clip” before she got The funds to really show her chops. My followers get to see me create dynamic work with limited resources nearly every day. With more support, and with the work I’ve already done, plus the work that I could do, members of my website would be able to look forward to monthly E-Zines! They’d feature photoshoots with myself and artists and creators and community leaders who have strong voices and are looking for an audience, and other types of art.

Here are examples and questions that inform my style of art:

How does portraying your favorite childhood characters heal and celebrate your inner child?

How does sharing stories about queerness and gender fluidity being celebrated and normalized in other religious spiritual contexts provide healing for those experiencing rigidity and shame?

How do contemporary portrayals of women and People of color and LGBTQIA community as holy divine figures expand our notion of who holds power innocence divinity and goodness safely and naturally?

Can we all be empathize with and celebrated?

Can we expand our notion of the angelic pure and beautiful?

How can playing with color in a portrait capture and convey your aura?

Can a simple shot of you drinking tea be an aura photograph, if it captures your essence - if it shows where you feel centered and at peace?

Can photos of one as a.. showgirl or a mermaid heal through embodiment - showing something you feel inside and seeing it in the physical?

Can photos of you as something dark and monstrous be catharsis and healing for your shadow?

How do children’s books about.. say little black girls and unicorns expand image of innocence and magic for upcoming generations, while simultaneously healing the generations before who’d been looking for themselves in magical spaces?

How do we tell stories about LGBTQIA characters where their sexuality is decentralized.. and almost unremarkable? Just a person living a life a normal life!

How does independent content creation help marginalized groups circumvent oppressive systems that deny them opportunity to tell their own stories?

Who can afford to be a professional creative?

Can we create more Representation in art that lets everyone be a part of what’s normal?

Representation studies

Decolonization in spirituality

Decolonizing are notions of respectability as women and people of color and queerness and gender expression

Expanding our notions of beauty exploring fashion from a less Eurocentric lens

Thinking about sustainability and capitalism and how they play out in..

How does art expand vision and projects new visions and opportunities for the future

Members could see me devote monthly magazines to this type of art and story.

I have a colorful interdisciplinary way of seeing the world, and art is how I do my part to help make the world a kinder and safer and more exciting one for more people.

I have done a lot with $20 and paper clips.

I’d love to show the world what i could do with $22,000.

Please consider me - with sugar on top.

bry berrywil
bry berrywil
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