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4 Ways To Find Inspiration As A Beginner Photographer

by Martha about a year ago in art

Tips for a beginner photographer

4 Ways To Find Inspiration As A Beginner Photographer
Photo by Andre Furtado on Unsplash

Photography is an art. And every artist knows that there are moments when inspiration decides to abandon them and doesn't seem to plan to come back soon. The deadlines are accumulating, the calls from clients don't stop, but the ideas just don't come to a head.

If you are just a beginner photographer, don't get scared. All professionals know that there are ways to get inspired when it's needed. Here, I will uncover some secret techniques for it, so stay tuned.

Feed Your Brain

The human brain is designed in a very peculiar way. It cannot create anything from scratch. All the ideas that emerge in our heads are just an amalgamation of what we have seen or heard before.

In order to be a creative photographer, you need to 'feed' your brain with the raw material that will become the basis for new creative projects. For instance, start following the Instagram and Facebook accounts of famous photographers, check which lightning or premium lightroom presets they use.

Try to see as many creative photographs daily as possible. Get inspired by modern artists and the ones from the past. Discover new techniques and styles. And soon, you'll see how creative you become.

Never Force Yourself To Shoot

Art is not about money and business. It's about passion and love. Once you stop perceiving photography as the means of making money and something you are forced to do, your muse will be willing to come to you.

The secret of a high-quality piece of artwork is the extreme love and interest in what you do. This is the ultimate ingredient of creativity and the only driving force that makes every artist explode with great ideas.

Take The Camera When You Don't Expect To Take Pictures

You never know in which minute life will give you the opportunity to capture a stunning moment. Maybe it will be a shade of a tree on your friend's face? Or a random woman on a bicycle next to the field full of flowers?

In reality, inspiration is everywhere. You just need to develop the ability to seize it. Remember that at the moment when you learn to find the setting for a beautiful picture among ordinary objects, you become a real artist.

Start To Love Visual Art

The camera has been invented not so long time ago. But human's willingness to portray the beauty of the ordinary things on canvas has existed for centuries. Photography and painting are two arts that have always been placed next to each other.

The works of famous painters might become a powerful source of inspiration for you. Maybe, after seeing stunning golden masterpieces of Gustav Klimt, you will also want to glorify the majestic beauty of a female body by means of a camera?

Maybe, the cubist works of Picasso will show you that not everything in the picture should be perfectly ordered and realistic? Who knows? The fact remains, the styles and techniques used by painters can inspire you to create your own vision of photography.

The most interesting thing is that no one can predict which exactly works of art can become the ones that will mold your technique. Also, you never know what the final result of it will be.

The Last Thing

Your vision of the world is unique and precious. Let others see it too. Life gives us opportunities to get creative more often than you think. Learn to find inspiration no matter where you go and what you do, and break all the rules that have existed before.



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