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What happened when I started feeding my cat CBD

by L.D. Malachite 11 months ago in health

I'm pleasantly surprised

My cat is fat, and somewhat old, she is very sweet and loving, however; she has slowed down a lot over time. I have found her to play less, jump less, enjoy less. She became more irritable, and I worried it maybe due to her joints. I was working at a local CBD store and figured it was time to try CBD for my dear cat.

First of all, let me say, this girl plays again! I'm so over joyed to have my cat enjoying her life again, run around and having fun. I was worried for a little while there that I was going to have to re-home her for worry that I would not be able to afford her hip problems.

Second, she loves cuddles so much more, she allows me to hold her for hours, which we are loving. I will find myself able to home her as she purrs up a storm on my chest. Holding her makes my heart feel more full than it ever has.

Third, she lost weight, she was previously the shape of a sideways football with legs and a head, but now she looks like an actual cat. She is down to a much healthier weight now that she's able to move around a lot more, we love to see it.

She is at least twelve years old, and has had at least one litter, so I assume she had some pain problems, but she is one of my dearest friends, she is lovely and I am happy to be able to support her in any way I can, she is after all, my sweet Breb, and I have to take care of her.

Delivery system


I highly suggest if you feed your animal wet food you get a pet tincture, and put some on top, as this seems to work best for helping her, as opposed to treats. Tincture will typically be cheaper per dose. I tend to prefer this for my particular animal.


On the other hand, I feel if you are feeding them dry food, i'd get treats for your pet, as the tincture may create a texture they won't like. Treats will also be able to be given outside of meal time, and will typically be cheaper per bag. I like to keep these on hand in case she seems to be hurting and it's not close to her dinner time yet,


Topicals are good for things like itchy skin, or rashes, or joint pain, but won't help too much with anxiety, and will only help with areas it is touching. For that reason alone, I opt for giving it to her internally.

A little about my background with CBD

It may take a little while for you to notice a huge change in your pet, as one of the main things CBD does is aid in recovery and healing. CBD is also a great anti-inflammatory that doesn't cause stomach upset in the same way as ibuprofen can. I personally take CBD for anxiety, pain, GERD, insomnia, arthritis, and it helps my irritable bowel syndrome. I'm really had I found CBD as someone who cannot deal with THC due to mental health problems.

I use it as a soap (for some dermatitis issues), bath products (salts and bath bombs), topicals (lotions, balms, oils), capsules, and tinctures. I have found each to have a distinct benefit and use them each for a different problem. I use capsules to focus, and to help with joint pain, for example, and bath products for whole body pains. I


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