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The Rocky-Top Chronicles (part 4)

When vaccinations hurt

By Taylor RigsbyPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Vaccinations are absolutely necessary for young puppies. This much I know for sure. But it can be hard to do, especially if you get so attached to your puppy.

We had our second appointment with the Vet today, and got his third round of shots taken care of. And even though it wasn't his first time visiting the vet's office, I have a gut-feeling he's not going to like the vet-visits considering how scared he was again. Like most dogs his age (I assume), Rocky does this thing where he visibly trembles when he's scared... and he was NOT excited to into the office today.

He got two rounds on this day in particular, and even though he seemed fine when he brought him home, I think he's finally starting to feel the after-effects. Around noon-ish, well more than an hour later, he stopped acting like himself. He didn't really seem to want to play, and wasn't very interested in his lunch when I put it down (I'm positive he only took three bites and then just wandered away).

I also noticed when I set him down to make my lunch that he was starting to whimper like I was hurting him, even though I'd picked him up about 20 minutes earlier and he seemed to feel fine. I know dogs aren't people, but my immediate conclusion was that his vaccination site was starting to hurt; I know in my experience, whenever I had to get a vaccine, I usually feel fine soon after the shot, but start experiencing some achiness and sore muscles later in the day.

Lethargy also seemed to set in for Rocky, because after a while he just didn't seem to be his usually perky self. He settled onto my lap for a little while and dozed right off... complete with a little bit of snoring. It's actually pretty adorable when you see; it would've made me laugh if I weren't so concerned.

I managed to get him into his kennel for some 'kennel-time' training. This week, because I'll be going back to work soon, I've been introducing training sessions of 30 -45 minutes of putting him in the kennel; just to get him used to me not being around all the time.

Anyway, after I got him into his kennel, he went through the usual whining and whimpering routine, but then, to my surprise (and relief), he ended up going right to sleep after about five minutes. So far he's only (vaguely) woken up once whimpering to change positions. I think he must've shifted into an uncomfortable spot on his shoulder or hip.

I'm hoping that napping through the afternoon will help him feel better. I hate seeing my poor fluff-butt hurting, and there's nothing I can do about it.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but I'll say it again just in case: Rocky is essentially my first dog, so I essentially have no idea what I'm doing with him 90% of the time. I mean, I understand the feedings and watering's, and the walking's and the bathing - I just honestly don't know if I'm doing a good job, is what I mean.

Part of the problem is that Rocky can't tell me what's wrong when something's not right... he can't talk! And I feel like I'm playing catch up half the time in figuring out his signals. The other half, I'm worried I'm being too lenient with him, because I understand those signals but am over-indulging him.

Well, he's awake right now, but has about 15 more minutes of kennel-time to solider through. Hopefully by then he'll start to feel a little bit better - at least enough to be a little more patient with me.

I just really wish there was some kind of doggie-ibuprofen... that would really take the edge of his aches.

- 12/28/23


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