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The Beast of Gevaudan

by Maria Johnson 3 years ago in exotic pets

A Story of "The Beast of Gevaudan"

Photo by Brendan Greenway on Unsplash

The Beast of Gevaudan was a man-eating wolf-like animal that killed over around 100 women and children and wounded 49 back in 1764-1767. The way this animal killed these was by tearing out its victims' throats, most of the victims were partly eaten. Most of the eye witnesses who were able to describe the beast as having formidable teeth and immense tail. They also said that the beast, on many accounts, was wounded but not dead, these injuries included shots at point blank range. This is what made many believe that this animal was a werewolf. Most people wanted to believe that it was a mythical creature rather than believe it was just a wolf because they could not kill it.

After the first few attacks, people started bringing dead wolves in, hoping to get rid of The Beast. But the attacks kept happening they kept killing the wolves but they couldn’t stop the attacks. No matter how many wolves they killed, the attacks kept happening, they killed more and more wolves, but people still got attacked. These attacks went on for years and the French people started to really worry, not being able to get rid of The Beast. Through the years people tried to find ways to kill the beast, one man claimed he killed the beast with a bullet he forged with silver, which is the main way to kill a werewolf.

The folklore of the werewolf began in France and Germany over 1500 years ago. Although killing a werewolf in its wolf state is hard, it is not impossible, but most people would prefer to kill them in their human state because it is much easier. Most people use a crossbow, cane, or sword, they rarely use guns unless they are using silver bullets. But people back in the 1700s did not have this information and still believed The Beast was, in fact, a werewolf. Although now we know that the werewolf is just folklore, a myth. When the people thought The Beast had been killed they stopped hunting wolves hoping that the attacks would stop, but they did not stop they kept happening.

It took three years for the attacks to finally stop, after the man claimed to have killed the beast and the attacks kept happening, they went back to hunting wolves hoping they would stop. The people of France tried everything they could think of just to try to stop the attacks but nothing worked, they just could not figure out what the animal was. They thought at first it was a wolf because of the way it killed, then as the attacks kept happening, they began to think it could have been a werewolf, but they were not sure. So they would hunt them whether they were just wolves or werewolves they did not care they just wanted the attacks to stop for three years they went on.

These attacks went on for the three years before they found out what was even going on and what the beast was. What was happening was a young man who was mad at so many people he imported a wild animal to France just to attack the families of the people he hated. He sent The Beast to their homes and let it kill and partly eat them. He kept The Beast hidden from people most of the time, keeping it in a cage only letting it out to kill. Although what people thought they saw was a werewolf, what they really saw was a spotted hyena. By the description of the animal and the way it killed its victims, even though no one would think of the hyena to be The Beast, but that is what it was. After a while, they ended up killing The Beast, and ending the attacks in Gevaudan.

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