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How My Dog Inspired a Career Pivot to Digital Marketing for Dog Professionals

Discovering a New Path Alongside My Dog

By David HartshornePublished about a month ago 3 min read

Life has a peculiar way of throwing surprises our way—mine came in the form of a four-legged companion who not only changed my life but also steered my career into a new and fulfilling direction. After nearly two decades in the corporate world, I found myself disillusioned, yearning for a change that would bring deeper meaning and happiness into my life. As I embarked on my journey towards self-discovery as a digital nomad, my faithful dog was by my side, inspiring a career pivot that I never saw coming.

Traveling across Spain, from the bustling streets of Madrid to the tranquil shores of the Mediterranean Coast, my dog was more than just a travel companion; she was my anchor, keeping me grounded as I navigated the challenges of a new lifestyle. It was during these times of transition and personal reflection that I realised how much joy and comfort she brought into my life, especially during moments of loneliness and doubt.

This profound bond made me acutely aware of the unique relationship between dogs and their owners—a dynamic filled with unconditional love and mutual benefits. It dawned on me that there were many like me, professionals working with dogs who were passionate about their roles but perhaps struggling to reach a wider audience or maximise their impact. This was the spark that ignited my new career path: leveraging my skills in digital marketing to help dog trainers, groomers, and caregivers expand their visibility and influence.

Transitioning Skills into Dog-Centric Digital Marketing

With a solid background in business and marketing, I knew I had the expertise to make a significant difference in the pet industry. However, I needed to tailor my approach to specifically address the needs and challenges faced by dog professionals. I began by immersing myself in the industry, understanding the nuances of pet care businesses, and identifying the key areas where digital marketing could amplify their success.

I focused on offering comprehensive digital marketing services tailored for dog professionals. This included website design that reflects the warmth and professionalism of their services, and implementing effective SEO strategies to improve their online visibility. Recognising the importance of targeted advertising, I also specialised in pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, which allowed businesses to reach their specific audience efficiently.

Delivering Tailored Solutions and Gaining Satisfaction

Designing websites for dog trainers and groomers, I emphasised user-friendly and engaging interfaces that showcased the unique personalities of their businesses and the authenticity of their services. Through SEO, I ensured that these websites ranked highly on search engines, making them easily accessible to potential clients seeking dog-related services.

PPC campaigns were particularly exciting to develop. These allowed for creative and strategic advertisements that targeted specific demographics in the dog owner community, ensuring that my clients’ marketing budgets were spent efficiently, with measurable returns on investment.

The satisfaction from this work came not just from utilising my skills in new ways, but from seeing the tangible results they brought to my clients. Helping them grow their businesses and reach more dog owners was immensely rewarding. Each successful campaign or website launch reinforced the feeling that I was not only contributing to their success but also to the well-being of the dogs they served.

The Impact of Helping Dog Professionals

This new career path has been about more than just a professional pivot—it's been a journey of personal fulfillment. By helping those who dedicate their lives to working with dogs, I’ve found a sense of purpose and joy that my previous corporate life lacked. Every project is a step towards helping a dog trainer educate more owners, a groomer beautify more pets, or a caregiver provide better support to the canine community.

Moreover, this niche specialisation has allowed me to create a network of dog enthusiasts and professionals, fostering a community that shares a common passion and set of values. This community has been a source of continuous inspiration and motivation, driving me to keep improving and expanding my services.

Reflecting on how my dog changed my life and inspired a new career direction, I realise the power of following one’s passion and the impact of aligning work with personal values. Transitioning my skills into digital marketing for dog professionals has not only fulfilled a market need but has also brought me closer to what I love—making a difference in the lives of dogs and their people.

As I continue on this path, the lessons I learn and the satisfaction I gain confirm that the best work comes from the heart, and success follows when you do what you love.

David - Founder of Doggy Digital.


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David Hartshorne

With 18+ years in e-commerce and digital marketing, I specialise in developing brand identities and driving business growth. I'm dedicated to leveraging my skills to help organisations succeed in diverse industries.

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