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Road Trip

by Anna Torres 4 months ago in dog
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Up north to the Pacific Ocean

Meet Bucky

It was 100 degrees back in July 2021 in Puget Sound. My son and I were miserable the last couple of days. We couldn’t sleep because our fans weren’t keeping us cool. Our air conditioner hadn’t come in yet. Our German Shepard was handling the heat pretty well. We had been adding ice cubes to his water and asking specifically for iced water whenever we went out for coffee. He always assumed we would get him a pup cup and he would slurp both down after a run. After work, I wanted to do something to keep my son and dog busy and cool at the same time. I got off work at 2pm and decided to take the two of them up north to Bellingham. My husband was asleep since he worked nights. I don’t know how he could sleep with the house so hot. I loaded up my two boys and we went on a mini road trip. It takes at least 2 hours to get there so even if Boulevard Park is packed, the two of them would enjoy the air conditioner in my car for 4 hours. Going up north is always an adventure. Since my husband and I met in Bellingham and we had our son there, it’s always held a special place in our hearts. I was so excited to take my dog to see the ocean. He has seen water and we knew he loved it. I didn’t know how he would react to ocean waves. As luck would have it, Boulevard Park wasn’t so busy. I think the heat kept some people at home. I had packed dog treats and cold bottles of water for the dog. We found the place I knew would be perfect for the three of us: under the bridge by the rocks. I packed our water shoes, towels, and a change of clothes for my son. The water was also perfect. I expected it to be cold but it was lukewarm. Our dog was so confused by the waves. He kept trying to catch them as if it were a game. He was following my boy all around the rocks and back tracking to our travel bag to make sure our belongings were safe. I had my keys and phone in that bag so I never took any pictures but it’s a memory I cherish. My dog absolutely loved the ocean and one day, I want to live next to it so he visit whenever he wants. I took him to one of my favorite places ever. When we left, I went to Woods Coffee and bought a couple of drinks for the ride home. My dog slept soundly after a pup cup. My son chose the songs we listened to for the road trip home. I had 2 Labrador retrievers growing up and I always knew I would be the best dog owner I could be to my German Shepard. I would treat him like family because I always felt my family didn’t do their best with my labs. I would be better because my dog deserves better. The 2 hours home were so relaxing. Traffic was light. The music was awesome. The air conditioner was just right. My coffee was great. My son was chilling and our dog was dreaming well, I hope. I hope we take more road trips in the future. Bucky is an awesome dog. He just turned 2 and I can’t wait for more memories. We suffered through an intensely hot summer but we persevered. I wish I did more things spontaneously with my son and dog. I have the best dog in the world


About the author

Anna Torres

I’m a 35-year old wife and mother. I love reading, metal music, and writing. I have bipolar depression and have recently begun writing again after a 2 year hiatus. I am back in school and loving it

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