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Piecing Me Back Together

A Story For Dog Lovers

By Keon LovettePublished 4 years ago 4 min read
Kiely Kilala Lovette

So ; over the last few years my days have consisted of going to work and taking my bestfriend to work who lives with me as well as my usual extra curricular activities during my time off . Pushing further back in time , I had a Yorkie pup and his name was Blu , I had a deep man’s bestfriend relationship with him immediately because he was to rough for his previous home so I was the exact playmate he needed . A solid year passes by and Blu has his first birthday with us and also moved into the new house that myself and my mom could finally call home for a long time til present day which is about 3 years now . One hot ass day came over us and Blu ends up goin on an exploration somehow after I scolded him for running in the street and put him in the garage to go inside ; I left for 10 minutes and come back to find him missing . I search , I drove , I yelled and cried because my bestfriend was gone and I didn’t really know how to deal with it because I didn’t even know how I lost him . Heartbroken and torn I just look at all his birthday toys he didn’t get to play with and the bear he was given to hump to his hearts content and I almost lost it every time but I had to keep pushing . A year or so passes and in the midst of taking my bestie to work we see a sign reading “shitzu puppies for sale” and even more so we see them through a opening into the backyard and we melted ! One day we give the door a knock ...and another knock ...and another just to receive no answer . I drive by this sign every day of the week taking her to work so it’s burning inside that these people were keeping us from our happiness (LOL) . Coming home from picking her up we see the group of seniors sitting outside the home peeling shrimp and I don’t even think to stop because I’m still hurt they didn’t answer the first time but the sign was still up so Joy (Bestie) says “hey let’s go over there” I look sideways but I don’t disagree and hit the turn around and park along side the road . We walk uphill to flies and A horrid shellfish smell but keep our friendly composure and greet them and ask simply about the puppies . “ We only got one left” he said “ we growing attached to her so I’m not sure if we wanna let her go “. I looked at him sideways and understanding but pissed cause you people didn’t answer the door 2 weeks ago 🙄 . Next thing i know , the older women of the house came outside with a adorable little black and white dog that literally put my heart in my stomach . She brought her to me and joy and I fell so in love with her I couldn’t stand it . She sat by my feet and looked up at me like she knew who her new dad was already and I told them I want her in my life NEOW!! He gave me a reduced price and agreed to take down the sign and wait for us first thing Friday morning (pay day ) . Friday comes I grab the money and go get the new piece of my heart to come home with us . She Is raised in two homes with me and with joy’s family when we both work and even our homies dog sit ( she only trusts people that she knew as a puppy) seeing anybody that helped raised her used to send her in a pee pee frenzy but with time and growth (and serious house training ) Kiely learned her name and how to hold that bladder . This story could go on and on but the whole idea of it was to say this dog filled something inside me I never thought I would have again since I lost Blu . She sleeps with me every night behind my knees or on my chest or even above my head and when I go to work she’s work momma joy . She’s never on a leash because she hates them with a passion , if you smile and call her name she’ll leap into your arms damsel style and just roll over for a belly rub like she does every time we come home . Kiely has been the cutest thing to every happen to our lives and it feels really good when someone is ALWAYS happy to see you even when you just wake up . Her little ass is waiting to pounce on me or Joy to wake up and love her and that’s what I’m about to get back to doing now while she sitting here staring at my type about how great she is . I love you Kiely . Thanks for piecing me back together . Your the best dog in the universe . And You too Blu . Wherever you are I hope you are safe , happy and loved .


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