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Netizen's cat was strongly opposed by his father: I hate cats and I put it in a cage!

A year later, the picture changed!

By AbigaillPublished 9 months ago 3 min read

Getting a cat, a seemingly simple decision, can lead to many twists, turns and arguments within the family. As described in this heartwarming story, the arrival of a kitten took a father who originally had no interest in cats on a journey from resistance to love.

Fourteen years ago, the family decided to adopt a kitten from a neighbour, but not everyone was on board. In particular, the father, who had always loved dogs and knew nothing about cats, was very resistant to the kitten's arrival: "I hate cats, put it in a cage and keep it there, don't let it out!

Despite the father's determination, the family's love for the kitten led them to secretly allow it to move around the living room when the father wasn't looking. This small concession, however, unwittingly opened the father's heart. After a month, the kitten was not as unlovable as the father had imagined, so he again announced, "It is only allowed to move around the living room and is not allowed to go anywhere else".

However, the kitten seemed to have a special feeling for his father, always walking silently to his side, talking to him with gentle "meow~" and even taking the initiative to drive him to and from work. This quiet companionship and warm interaction made the father unconsciously attracted to the kitten. Three months later, he relaxed the rules: "The kitten can move around on the ground floor, but not on the first floor."

The kitten's intelligence and lovable behaviour gradually softened the father's attitude and the love grew. His range of activities expanded from the cage to the living room and all the rooms on the ground floor. Even after a year, although there are still some rooms that the cub is not allowed to enter, the father's love for him is unstoppable.

The kitten is now a member of the family and is 14 years old. Under the loving care of the whole family, he remains as soft and cuddly as he was when he was born. And the father's deep love for the cat has left the whole family overwhelmed and touched.

Love doesn't happen overnight, sometimes it takes time and patience and some unexpected warm interactions. Just as the father's initial resistance to the kitten came from his lack of exposure to cats and his inability to understand their cuteness

But after the kitten's efforts and companionship, it gradually melts into deep affection and care. It also makes us understand that when we decide to have a pet in our family, different family members may not have the same opinion, but with mutual understanding and tolerance, we will eventually reap a special warmth and happiness. In this family, the kitten won the hearts of each family member in his or her own special way, allowing everyone to experience the fun and touching feelings that pets bring.

When we get along with our parents, should we not show more understanding and respect, and listen patiently to their worries and concerns? Perhaps through our actions we can break down their preconceived notions about certain things so that they can, without even realising it, accept new things and experience new joys. In the process, we will also find that the relationship between family members becomes deeper and life becomes better as a result.

Now this cat is very happy in this netizen's house, whenever a guest comes to visit, this cat entertains the guest as calmly as the owner, so the guest comes calmly and goes back excited!

Good luck to the cat, good luck to people!

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