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My pets does the funniest Thing

by Mariann Carroll about a month ago in list
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Pet Comedy Corner by Mariann Carroll

My pets does the funniest Thing
Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

If you have a pet , you know how funny they can get. I have a lot of fond memories of my pets.

I grow up with pets in my household. It’s pretty interesting .

My mom love cats . Let me tell you a story about Tom. He is a Russian gray cat with a white fur necktie on his neck. He was a stray we took in.He is mean and hilarious at the same time. He make Garfield seem like a tame cat.

Tom chases our visitors once they entered our house. We would warn people and they would laugh it off. They soon find out Tom was not playing. He had it in for anyone who don’t regularly live in our house.

Visitors would start scream,” Get your cat !!!!Tom was in his attack chase mode, there was not stopping him. He look at our visitors like they ware his prey.We did not have a lot of visitors ,when we had Tom. They would asked first if we still had that cat. Now that’s not the worst trait Tom had.

My brothers loved to teased ,Tom. Tom is a very revengeful cat. He will give you the stare, I am going to get you back. Tom found a way to pee on my brother’s school uniform. Don’t asked me how , a cat knew which clothes belong to whom.

My brother got home crying with embarrassment because his uniform stunk of cat’s pee. Tom was seating on the kitchen table like he own it, licking his front paw giving my brother the look, “ Don’t mess with me again.”

My mother is known for taking home strays. My mom coworker wanted to get rid of a dog name Nicki. He was a 15 pound brown dog. You can’t pet him, he bites. What was mom thinking? My mom give him a try for a couple of days but he was not safe at all. She give him to the pound.

We have a dog Spanky at the time, a laborador Retriever. He was our guard dog. He was not house broken. We only have him in the house in winter months. He loves to eat my step dad’s grapes. We never got to eat the grapes because he eats it all up. We can’t walk him on a dog leash cause he end up walking us. My middle brother try to walk Spanky , my brother end up being drag around our street. My step dad had to go help him.He just roam around free in the backyard. He only get tied up when my brothers are playing basketball with their friends.Spanky will find a way to get loose from it within an hour.

I had a kitten name Susan ,2 month old , she was a three color cat . She would wake me up exactly at 6am for school. I was never late for school because of her. She would paw my face to wake me. It’s actually very gentle and soft. She knows when I would get home from school. She would wait for me at the door. What I find funny about her , She would go in Mary’s kitten box and lay there trying to feed the week old kittens. She babysits, Mary’s ( a black and white cat who is always pregnant) kittens . My mom always good at finding a home for those kittens.

Our cats knew how to used the human toilet . They knew how to shake your hands. They could have been circus for cats.

We had goldfish and birds . I was not too fond of them cause it was not easy cleaning an aquarium or a bird cage.

I always wanted rabbits, big mistake. They make a lot of babies. Don’t put a male and female rabbit together in a cage. When a rabbit lick your face , it can put you to sleep. It’s like getting a facial massage. Watching them play was fun .

My daughter had a white Guinea pig name Snowball. He loves to watch T.V. . Beware , if you let them loose around the house, they poop pallets everywhere. It’s best to have them outside in a tiny fenced enclosure.

Snowy , my ultimate favorite pet. I took him everywhere. He has been on car rides, airplane and boat rides. He has embarrassed me a couple times.I had some company over , Snowy took my bra from my bedroom and ran around the house with it. Boy was my face read.

I had a date, and was being pick up .Snowy barf on my date’s shoes. Maybe Snowy did not like him?

I went out of town for a few days and came home early. I had a dog sitter to give him walks and keep him company.

Snowy and I was sleeping and the house alarm went off at 10 pm.Snowy was no guard dog. I asked Snowy to check it out. He just stand behind me on the top of the stairs. The dog sitter called out , that was a relief. The dog sitter was going to spend the night with Snowy to keep him company. I forgot to let them know , I was back from my trip.

Snowy was a funny dog . He loves his picture taken. He was my Rock star pet.


About the author

Mariann Carroll

Proactive for positive change.Born in the City of Chicago ,Illinois.

Multi race .Studied in a foreign country .Fluent in several languages .

fascinated by diversity.A Romantic and a dreamer.Interest in healthy living

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran13 days ago

    My favourite is Tom!

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