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My New Family

A Home

By Brenda BertucciPublished 2 years ago 8 min read

Ahhhh.. nothing beats a nice brisk walk around the neighborhood with my partner for life!!

I hear the leash come out of the kitchen drawer and see it dangle from her hands. I rush over to let her know that I am super excited and ready to go! Bending down to hook it to my collar, I get a hug and kisses before we head to the front door. I try super hard to be patient for the door to open, but it sure is hard to do. I whimper a little and do my, “ hurry the hell” up dance. The big glass door begins to open and my left front paw helps to push it open faster. I love walks. Did I mention HOW MUCH I love walks? Wooohoooo we are outside!!! The sun is shining down on my brindled fur, as I feel a soft wind blow across my happy face. It doesn’t get better then this.

Seems like the perfect time to tell you a little about myself. Come walk with me….

My name is Holly Noel. I am a whippet, which is a terrier and grey hound mix. My new family found me in a pet store with several other dogs looking for homes. I remember the bright lights and a strange voice always talking above me. Occasionally, I would hear a voice talking to me and saying hi in their passing. Then, this nice pretty lady passed. She greeted us all and even stopped to pet a few of us and talk. Shook a few paws even. I could tell her heart was warm and friendly. I wanted to get up and go say hi with the others, but I was to cold and scared to move. I didn’t think she saw me or cared. She left the area and I closed my eyes and sighed. Lost another hopeful one, I thought. I felt a warm hand rub my back. I slowly opened my eyes and there she was. I heard her asked another lady many questions about me. What type dog is it? Is it a female or male? Is it a good house dog and good for kids? So many questions that led me to believe she didn’t know much about dogs. She bent down to talk to me and asked me a few questions. I didn’t know how to answer some of them and just stared at her. I guess she felt I wasn’t interested in meeting her as she stood up and walked away. “wait!!!, I whimpered and whined softly. “sorry, I didn’t have much to say. Come back. I am a friendly one.” I just saw the back of her walking away when all of a sudden she stopped. Turned around and looked at me. “ she heard me!!!” I said inside all excited. I thought I would give it another try. I whimpered and yelped a few more times to let her know I saw her looking. I seen a smile cross her face and she came back. I felt these loving hands reach down and lift me from the cold hard floor. She cuddled me in her arms and petted me so softly and kind. “ how would you like to go home with me?” she asked softly in my ear. “ I have two small kids that would love to meet you and play with you.” It sounded like a plan to me.

Next thing I know, I am in a moving vehicle of some sort watching other vehicles pass by. “I wonder where we are going?” I think as I go from the left side of the seat to the right side to see all I can see out the windows. “this is so fun!! I hope we ride for a long time!” I say looking over at my new friend. We pull up to a huge brick building with a fence in front of a wide sidewalk with cars parked on it. We walk up some stairs and into these enormous doors to an entry way hall. I see several ladies approach me, greet me, smile at me, and dought over me. I have to admit…it felt pretty great. Then we turn around to a bench against a wall and I see these two cute little kids. There is a small boy with brown hair and a little girl with brown hair staring at me and my friend. The look confused and excited at the same time. “Are we going home early mommy?” said the sweet little boy. My new friend smiled big and said, “I want you to meet someone. This is our new friend.” They stared at us for a while and got super excited when their mom told them she got me for them to take home. Boy did I get some loving then from those adorable kids. I began to lick their sweet faces and wag my tail 90 to nothing. I heard them discuss me needing a name. The other ladies in the hall with us mentioned it being Christmas time. They began to toss holiday names around and the kids liked Holly and Noel. So their mom said, “ I got it!!! Let’s name her Holly Noel! Then both of you have help name her. What do you think?” they cheered and loved it and I liked the sound of it myself. Holly Noel… hmmmm? The Christmas dog. I loved it and knew I would love them too.

So, we walked the kids to their separate classrooms to collect their back packs and books. I was introduced to their teachers and classmates. I never been so nervous, scared, excited, and loved in one setting in my life. I soaked it all up and felt a rush of warmth inside my body. The two kids kept saying my new name and smiling all the way to the car. I got to sit in between them in the back seat.

The time had come. The car pulled into another big sidewalk and stopped in front of a small house with almond siding and brick. It had a huge open yard all around this house. Plenty of running and playing space for me. I was so happy, I think I felt a tear well up inside my right eye. The little boy held me for his mom to come help me out of the car. Then the kids came out and we all walked to the porch, up the steps, and entered my new home. The glass door with green trimwas pulled open, as the kids pushed themselves in first. "whooaa there, I am the guest here!" I chuckled waiting to be put down. My paws hit the soft floor below me as I stood to admire this palace I entered. I see furniture and toys. My eyes took hold to a maroon chair that looked like the perfect spot for me to enjoy. I went to jump up and in it when I heard... "uhh.. not right now." I was air lifted and carried out another set of patio doors. It didn’t look like the same door I came in at. It had a small wood deck with a cover and steps going down into this amazing large yard. My eyes got so big; I couldn’t wait for her to put me down. I ran down the steps and did circles in the yard. The kids chased after me giggling and laughing. I was laughing too…inside because they couldn’t catch me. I began to bark with joy and stopped to catch my breath. I took a minute to look around at my new home and then looked over at my new family.

Then I caught a stranger coming out the patio doors we just came out from. He looked abit confused with a slight smile. He was tall and had on a uniform of some sort. I tilted my head and was unsure what to think or do. Was he okay? Was he coming to take me away? I froze in place thinking maybe he wouldn’t see me. “what is that? He asked the mom. “Whose dog is that?” She seemed unsure to answer and then blurted out…”this is Holly Noel… she is our new pup.” Smiling big and looking at the kids and me and then back at him. The kids asked if they could keep me. This tall dark haired man stepped down from the porch and walked over to me. He picked me up. Stared at me a minute. Then smiled. “well Hello there miss Holly Noel, seems like you found a home.” I looked up at him and licked his face wagging my tail. He giggled and started to pet me and then set me back down on the green grass. “go play!” he said. And play I did.

Every day we went outside, we took walks, we went for car rides, we shared snacks. I knew this was my happy place for the rest of my life. I had a home. I had a family. I had love.


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