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IF You Only Knew

The One

By Brenda BertucciPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
IF You Only Knew
Photo by Mohamed Thasneem on Unsplash

If you only knew.

All the things running round in my head.

All the feelings here and there and I cannot share.

If you only knew.

That you were the only one.

The only soul to soul that I have ever known.

If you only knew that I am here waiting for you.

Would it make you feel better right now?

Would it make you feel anew?

Would you want to say to me all the things you feel?,

But shouldn’t say

If you only knew.

My heart my soul they long for you.

I see you in my dreams.

I see you all the time as the days go by.

I really miss you.

I really miss you and me.

Baby, if you only knew.

If you only knew.

That I would change the things that happened.

So, we could be brand new

If you …… if you….

If you only…knew

That you have always been my only one.

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