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"Merry" My Dog

Loyalty and togetherness in the family

By Fredela MelaniPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
"Merry" My Dog
Photo by Taylor Sondgeroth on Unsplash

Loyalty, unwavering and unwavering commitment, is a defining trait of the Golden Retriever's character. Often depicted as dog, these dogs exemplify the essence of loyalty in a way that is both heartwarming and awe-inspiring. For example, my dog is named "MERRY".

Previously, I started taking care of Merry when she was 3 months old. But now she still lives with me and is approximately 10 years old. She is old, but his enthusiasm for inviting me to play is still as great as his children's.

"Merry" was my family's favorite dog until my mother gave him the name. He even considered him the youngest child in my house. Merry has 5 puppies and only 3 left now. I used to think about becoming a breeder because I had sires. However, I couldn't do this because our family loves our dog too much and we rejected this idea.

Every day Merry only plays with the third child. His first child was named Poppy, his second child was named Selly, and his third child was named Sunny. They are the ones who accompany Merry every day in my backyard. With all their noise behind the house, they are also the ones who make my house lively and colorful.

Every afternoon they also want to go for a walk. However, only occasionally do they breathe the atmosphere outside the house because of my many work activities. But Sunday is a full day where they have fun, because my dogs already know their routine schedule, such as playing, walking and bathing, has become their regular agenda. Playing in front of the house with grass in the background is their favorite, they like to find a place to play for them when the week comes. My daughter was very happy when she saw Merry and her puppy playing in the front yard because they seemed to be in a trance while playing. Even when I was chasing, my daughter also ran around on the lawn in front of my house. Until the afternoon arrived, my dog immediately returned to the backyard to drink and rest because he was probably tired from playing too much all day.

One day I was holding an event out of town. She knew I wasn't home and she woke my mom up with a barking that night and it seemed like she was lonely without anyone to play with her. Then it seemed like she asked my mother to call me via video call because his facial movements really wanted to meet me. And it's true that when my mother called me via video call, my dog's face really smiled and then jumped up and down happily while barking. That's how happy it is.

At that time, when my house's electricity went out, my father and I went to the back of the house to look for something to turn the electricity back on in my house. My father was in front of me looking for it and I was behind him holding a flashlight. At that time, I didn't know that there was a snake behind me, and Merry was the one who saved me and my father because she was the one who chased the snake away so it wouldn't harm me. She is very loyal to my family. I don't know what it would be like without her.

Merry is our loyal and loving dog. Even my daughter loves playing with him. She likes playing with her hair when she is sleeping and likes playing ball with her. We know he is old and somehow it will be sad if he is no longer around, but we know he will definitely always live in our hearts with his current spirit.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 6 months ago

    Great work! Dogs are awesome!

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