Little Lucky

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My Little Friend

Little Lucky
Picture taken by Mindy Sleeper

Lucky was her name, little but mighty was her game. My little friend that use to love to run; made me feel as a child, free and fun. She liked it when her master would dress her; with a little dress and hat, she could make the innocence within stir.

She was a little light in my life; with her I thought not on strife. Bunnies and birds she would chase; starting slow then pick up to a quick pace. Protective against strangers in her might; her bark was worse than her bite.

She loved to do tricks for treats; which we all thought was funny and neat. At your ankles she would nip; when she barked she bounced, she sure was a pip. She may have been little and shaggy; yet she was loyal and mighty. Little Lucky, she was my friend; with her joy was without end.

She was old and moved slow; but with her you never felt low. Lost and alone she was when we found her; her smallness and soft fur was our lure. With each dawning of a new day; Lucky was always ready to play.

At night, she loved to cuddle next to my head; making me feel at peace, never a feeling of dread. Riding in cars made her serene; she was always kind, never mean. Innocent as a child in my heart; every day with her was a joyous start.

Bigger dogs frightened her and she would hide behind me; little dogs she showed her might to freely. Though she did not like others of her own breed; with humans she was a playful creature, happy and care-free.

Little Lucky you were a best friend to me on this earth; her value was worth more than gold, even myrrh. She had a good spirit from heaven above; always joyful, always showing love.

My little friend, though you are gone to heaven far away; my heart is with you forever to stay. My little Lucky is waiting for me in heaven above; where my heart awaits to live eternally with her in pure love.

My little Lucky how she loved to run and play; I wish for eternity you would've been able to stay. She loved attention from all human touch; though for her little body it was sometimes too much. Little Lucky, you are so loved; I only hope we can see each other again in heaven above.

Her tiny little steps would drag you when she would run; even though she was old, she always had time for play and fun. She loved to sit on my lap; if only for a mid-day's nap. Her favorite treats were bacon strips; sometimes the pieces would get stuck on her lip. Licking and lapping she would do; until the piece was gone then on to something new.

My little friend liked little birds; causing my mind to be filled with funny words. Watching her jump and play would always brighten up my day. Her bark was worse than her bite; she was not one whom enjoyed a fight.

Her fur was soft and white; she reminded me of a little furry ball of light. Though she was tiny, her bark was truly her might. When she barked; people would back away. On my lap or my bed is where she loved to stay.

To the groomers she loved to go; where people would make her feel high, not low. She would get excited when she would see me; I would hold her ever so close, her kisses making me feel loved and free. When she would tremble and shake when she was afraid; I would pet her and hold her, chasing away the fear that was made.

Though she was small, she was full of life. With her was serene peacefulness, not strife. With fur as white as snow; one could always see her clearly, no matter where she would go. Though she was half blind, deaf and old; she gave you feelings of warmth, not cold.

My little Lucky; my little friend, there is none like you in the end. You are my little friend, my little Lucky; I hope heaven is joyous for you and carefree. In heaven above, playing with my friends Toby, princess and Jessi; I imagine you there surrounded by love, gloriously.

My little Lucky, my little friend; my heart is with you, to beyond the end. For eternity, she will run and play. With love and happiness throughout the eternal day. When I think of you, my little friend, my little Lucky; I know in my heart you suffer no more pain and you are finally free.

Mindy Sleeper
Mindy Sleeper
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