Heidi the Hummingbird

Heidi Saves A Bumble Bee

Heidi the Hummingbird
Photo by James Wainscoat on Unsplash

Heidi the Hummingbird: Heidi Saves A Bumble Bee

Heidi is a cute little Hummingbird. She is very small, but she is cute and fast. Do not be fooled by her size. She may be small, but she has a big heart! Heidi loves flowers. She also loves nectar! Betty is an adorable Bumble Bee. She is cute with wings and yellow and black stripes. She has a stinger, too! Oh! Did I forget to mention, she’s a cute, little bumble bee? A lot of people are afraid of bumble bees because they are fast, sneaky, and have stingers. The truth is, all they want to do is pollenate the flowers to make the world beautiful, and they only use their stingers when they are in danger and feel threatened. So, while people are afraid of most bumble bees, Betty is very small, and friendly. She wouldn't hurt a fly! Betty lives in a beehive. That bee hive is in the tree where Heidi lives! While bees usually live together, Betty prefers to live by herself. She likes to have her own space.

Naturally, Heidi and Betty are best friends. They love to play among the flowers and the trees. They fly around, play games, and just have fun together. One day, Heidi woke up and looked outside her window. “What a beautiful day!” Heidi exclaimed. Outside her window, she saw the sun shine brightly over everything she saw. When she stepped outside, she felt the warmth irradiating from the sun above her, and she smiled contently. “I wonder what Betty is up to,” she said, “Maybe she will want to play!” Heidi knocked on Betty’s door, and Betty answered. “Hi Betty, do you want to play with the flowers?” asked Heidi. Betty loved playing with Heidi. “Absolutely,” replied Betty. “Great”, exclaimed Heidi, “Let’s go!” So, off they went. Heidi and Betty smelled all the flowers along the way. As they made their way through the flower fields, they giggled with delight because everything they saw was so beautiful.

They saw all different types of flowers; Roses, Daisies, Daffodils, Tulips, and many others. They were all different colors like red, pink, blue, purple, orange, and yellow. Not only that, but they smelled so good. “Wow! These flowers smell lovely,” cried Betty with joy. “ “Yes, they do,” answered Heidi. Betty smelled a flower a little closer. The flower smelled so fragrant, and brought so much joy to her little bee heart. The smells made both Heidi and Betty think of Spring time. Heidi noticed a bigger bird flying up above. “Oh, no. That’s a big bird”, worried Heidi. “It’s probably nothing,” she said to herself. Suddenly, the bird looked down at Betty. At first, she thought it was nothing. After a while, she heard his ominous screech. Then, she realized he was very dangerous.

She was very scared, because she saw him about to swoop down on her and Betty, and attack! “Watch out, Betty!” cried Heidi. Then she pushed Betty out of the way. “We need to be more careful!” said Heidi. Heidi and Betty were both scared, as they thought that the bird was going to eat them for lunch. After they realized that they were no longer in danger, they both let out a big, loud, exaggerated sigh of relief. “There are birds and bugs much bigger than us,” she added. “Thank you Heidi for saving my life,” cried Betty. “You’re a great friend!” “Let’s go home, Betty,” said Heidi. “I hear mom calling me for dinner!”

The End

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