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Have you thought of these side hustles that are so easy? Trunk bars making $30,000 a month?

Trunk Bar

By Hendrickx WuestPublished 2 years ago 7 min read
Have you thought of these side hustles that are so easy? Trunk bars making $30,000 a month?
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Perhaps you would also like to try to start a side business and make money outside of your main business. CNA has also interviewed several young people who have started a side business. Can they make money?

A trunk bar earns 30,000 yuan a month

Around May, the bar couldn't open for business because of the epidemic, and there was a lot of pressure on the rent.

We didn't want to make any money at the beginning, but we used a lot of materials for the stall, and sometimes the wine we made might not sell for two days, so we threw it away, which was a big drain. We have two or three friends to open together, and every day there are dozens or even hundreds of customers, a monthly turnover is about 70,000 yuan, throw away costs can earn more than 30,000 yuan.

The choice of location is also important. We changed several places, starting with the riverside under the Liangma Bridge, where there was more traffic, and then moving to the square near Wangjing Soho. Usually, the stall comes out around 7 or 8 pm and the closing time is variable. Sometimes the customers get rather high and I go home almost at dawn.

I've also brushed up on Little Red Book, where some people open trunk bars as a side business, and I've been to some trunk bars for a drink, but overall they're not doing particularly well, and the professionalism still needs to be strengthened. I think if you're going to do a side hustle, you need to do it well too, and it's best to choose an area that you're good at or interested in. For example, do trunk bars, knowledge about cocktails can find a bar to learn a refresher course, as long as the cocktails do a good job, the wine is not afraid of the alley, do a good job will have repeat customers.

I have also met some university students to do trunk bars, and although there are only a few cocktails, these drinks are combined with the film, they also brought a projector to watch the film, and there are professional photographers to take pictures of customers, I think this idea is also quite good.

Microscopic view of the seabed

If you don't have a lot of start-up capital, you can get two or three friends and go and buy some ingredients, and it won't cost very much. If you have a car, you can just use the trunk of your car, or if you don't have a car, you can buy a cart and buy some small lights to create some atmosphere.

If you plan to do it for a long time, you still have to find ways to attract casual customers and turn them into repeat customers, which may require some creativity at this point. Pricing of wine is also a learning curve. It depends on the competition around you and requires some careful calculation. Of course, the most important thing is to find a location with higher traffic, plus your wine is good, and two or three people for 20 or 30 thousand a month is possible.

This trunk bar experience has also given me some inspiration. Some of our customers have given us feedback that this format is quite good, and when the weather is good in spring and autumn, we might even organize some customers to come out and play.

Farming seawater creatures Expect to earn 1,000 yuan a month

I have been working in Beijing for more than six years and in May this year I finally moved into my own house and my dream of "fish farming" came true. I've always been interested in farming seawater creatures, and at first, I didn't think of it as a side business, but when we assessed the market, we realized it was a great possibility as a side business.

Initially, I was attracted to clownfish, the main character in the animated film Finding Nemo. These clownfish have a short breeding cycle, laying roughly twice a month, with 600 eggs each time, and a survival rate of 70-80%, which means that a pair of fish a month can produce almost 1,000. This small fry can be sold for around 8-10 yuan each, so we calculate that a pair can bring in a relatively large profit.

We also kept a pair of clownfish, but due to inexperience in breeding, one of the females soon became sick and after some time of rescue and treatment still did not survive, and eventually, only the male remained, and this breeding was not successful.

I also kept the entry-level coral, the 'Leather', for about a hundred dollars. This coral is purely soft-bodied, without bones, like leather, and will have little tentacles growing out of it of about a millimeter, which will naturally grow into a circle, like a dandelion. Keeping corals is like keeping flowers, after breeding you can cut them out and sell them, you can cut a female into six or eight pieces and tie it to a small rock, when it grows on its own it can be divided into many pieces and each one can be taken out and sold.

Apart from the clownfish and corals, I also have two anemones, the "Big Hand Starflower" and the "Red Pacifier", as well as some seaweed. After a few months of breeding, the corals and anemones have almost multiplied and will be ready to be put up for sale after the National Day holiday.

Now I have five "leather", about 100 yuan each; "big hand star flower" has 30 or 40 heads, about 7 yuan a head; "red nipple" 200 yuan a piece, there are currently two. In total, they can be sold for about 1,200 yuan. If it can run steadily in the later stages, it is expected to bring in about 1,000 yuan a month.

Of course, there are some costs involved in keeping a tank of seawater creatures, to maintain the tank as an ocean-like, recyclable ecology. The hardware cost upfront is around 10,000 RMB, including a large fish tank, and equipment in the tank such as wave-making pumps, UV lights, etc. In addition, some nitrifying bacteria and algae need to be put in to keep it in a stable state. Every month, we need to use salt to fill the tank, electricity to run the tank, and so on, which means we need to invest about 200 RMB every month.

Apart from the hardware cost, the most important thing is to buy some seawater creatures. I chose some newbie starter creatures, which are better to breed, and spent about RMB2,000. Newcomers should choose creatures that are good to breed, so they feel more accomplished.

If you want to keep a tank as a side business, you will need to invest in more creatures later on, and adding more creatures will put more pressure on the tank, and of course, you will have to invest more time to maintain it. I am more satisfied with the current situation, I don't need to spend too much energy, I can still enjoy it normally, and it can also bring some income from time to time.

Selling mobile phone accessories at a stall earning 100 yuan a day

I've always wanted to do a side business and try to make a little money outside of my main business. One day in August this year, I was occasionally brushing up on short videos on ShakeTV and saw someone selling those little dolls on key chains for only a dollar apiece. I was struck by the idea that this could be profitable if I set up a stall to sell it. The same night, I placed an order for 100 small dolls in the live room, you say choose what look, and he will give you what looks.

When the goods arrived, at 4 pm that day, I went to set up a stall at the exit of a station on Metro Line 5. I sorted out the goods, the good-looking ones priced at 5 yuan a piece, the slightly worse 5 yuan two.

At first, I was a bit embarrassed and didn't know how to attract customers. Later, when I saw the boss of the fruit stall next to me hawking "does anyone want fruit", I also plucked up the courage to shout "does anyone want small dolls or mobile phone accessories", and soon some customers were looking around.

The audience for these dolls is quite wide, and at first, I thought it was more for parents to buy for their children. Most of the buyers were young people of a similar age to me, and young people are slightly less sensitive to price, so the product could be priced higher.

I sold them all in about two hours and made about $100. I was so inspired by this experience that I bought some more goods, but because I was busy at work, I haven't sold any of these goods so far.

This kind of stall still costs time, and although the profit margin seems good, the total amount of money made is relatively small. The side hustle is an experiment and I will continue to explore more lucrative side hustles.

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