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Time management is more important than competence, understand these five points and you will be efficient in everything

Understand these five points and everything will be efficient

By Hendrickx WuestPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Time management is more important than competence, understand these five points and you will be efficient in everything
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As long as we look carefully, we will find that those who are well mixed in the workplace, and not those with strong personal skills group, but a group of people who know how to use time reasonably; can make good use of time, is a time management people, which is the reason they do things efficiently; the reality of the workplace, most people simply do not know how to time management, more reasonable time program; once the workplace staff does not know how to Planning time, not only the efficiency of work will be reduced, no mental state all day, will also affect their mental health; to do a good job of time planning, we must learn to take a reasonable break, only sufficient energy to efficiently complete the task; the following small to share, planning time need to understand the five points, want to understand friends, hurry to follow the small to see it!

First, time is not squeezed out, but the management of time

Look at those who can work calmly, and can be completed on time, will envy them know how to use time reasonably, which is the fundamental reason they can complete the task; in school days, teachers are teaching everyone to develop the habit of squeezing time; but this statement in the workplace is not correct, the work does not need to squeeze time, not to mention the need to take up time outside of work, but a reasonable plan to work time of 8 The common saying is that time management, it can improve the efficiency and quality of work; once we rely on squeezing time to work, then overtime is certainly not less; and efficient time management, need to be full of energy, at least in the time to work can not appear yawn, which is the root cause of efficiency assurance.

Second, the concept of time is not sunrise, sunset, and rest

The reality of the workplace, is many friends think they just need to work every day on the line, on time every day, the results of a large number of friends simply do not mix well; no time concept of friends, every day according to the work, to the point on the end of the day, do not consider the results of the day's work, this behavior and sunrise and sunset is no different; to improve their time utilization, the best way is Time management, rather than doing their work in a step-by-step manner; work not only to do a good job, but also in all aspects of implementation in place, for their growth and gains to help; for no self-binding friends, you can try to use time management software, but to do a good job of planning, and then a regular reminder.

Three, the core of time management is to focus

Time is like sand

Most people have only a vague concept of time management, if the progress of work is slow, just simply speed up, eventually not only will there be mistakes, but also very tired themselves, even in the specified time, the task will be completely handled, the process will have all kinds of trouble, and even many times there is a handful of situations; and those who can do in the usual focus on friends, even if not anxious to catch up with progress. They can also be in a very short period, high-quality work, which is focused attention in exchange for the results; focus will allow a person, will be all the energy and time in the right place, even if encountered again urgent things, will not appear to be frazzled.

Fourth, good time management is also conditional

Some friends think that as long as they master a few skills, they can easily achieve time management, there is this idea is wrong, after all, some plans are not controllable, the plan can not catch up with the case of change is too much; we want to do a good job of time management, first of all, we must ensure sufficient sleep, which is the fundamental of reasonable rest, to ensure that their energy can be renewed so that they can deal with more things; may Some people will say that the fragmented time is more important, but the fragmented time is more suitable to receive information to help themselves in the program and ideas to have progress, but this is not just to carry out the brush phone; so that to manage their time, is the need for basic conditions.

Five, good time management requires good task scheduling

The purpose of good time management is to work better, then it means that work is the most important; we should do a good job in the usual work arrangements, develop the habit of checking the work, in the same period, try to do only the same important work when we develop the habit of self-rational arrangements, can help us to complete the work more smoothly; of course, good time management habits are not so simple, but also In conjunction with reasonable rest and exercise, get up and go to bed on time every day, so that you can take the initiative to self-restrain during working hours; get along with your family, no matter how busy you are, you should also take time to spend with your family, and after the family conflicts are less, you can also do your work arrangements wholeheartedly.

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