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In the workplace, if you do not have a "mountain", please keep in mind these 5 points, to make yourself a "mountain"

lit. when you lean on a mountain, the mountain falls, the leaner runs.

By Hendrickx WuestPublished 2 years ago 6 min read
In the workplace, if you do not have a "mountain", please keep in mind these 5 points, to make yourself a "mountain"
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I'm sure most people in the workplace understand that with or without a "backer" to act on, the growth path is completely different. Most people are ordinary people, and there are so many "backers" that they can rely on.

However, as the saying goes, "If you have a mountain to lean on, everyone will run away", so who will let you lean on them for no reason if not your closest relatives? Since there is no "mountain", live yourself as "a mountain".

In the workplace, the key to a secure life is either to have someone to cover you or to have skills. It is often said that "art is more than a body", meaning that no one can take away what you have, and it is more real than a mountain.

However, there is never a shortage of capable people in this era, but not everyone can be reused in the workplace. So, if you have the ability, you also need to be a bit wise, so that you can get the most out of your ability.

About promotion: first to stand firm, then to stand tall

Isn't the pursuit of a promotion and a pay rise what people in the workplace are after? If you have the ability and competence, you will be promoted. If you think so, you are still stuck in student thinking, because good grades are good for students and you can be promoted, but the workplace is different, good performance is only a necessary but not sufficient condition for promotion.

Some people do have the undoubted ability but have not yet stood firm in the case, you want to touch the high, touching it is not solid, can not touch the fall may also break the foot.

Just like some people, when they enter a new environment and find that everyone around them is inferior to them, they feel good about themselves and are eager to stand higher, but they ignore the fact that they want to be promoted and others have the same idea.

If you think of moving up as quickly as possible before you have a firm footing, you will mostly not end up where you want to be. This is like building a building, the foundation is solid before the possibility of ten thousand feet high building flat ground, not a solid foundation, seemingly building a building up, but in fact, at any time may collapse.

on one's own

The basis of promotion is to stand firm, to have a place in the team, to be recognized by the team, and then consider the matter of promotion, down-to-earth, solid foundation, promotion is bound to be achieved.

On competition: either beat or pull together

Competition is an eternal topic in the workplace. Without it, not only would the company be dead, but there would also seem to be less to talk about. Leaders want competition, companies need competition, and human nature is at war with each other.

Competition is the norm in the workplace, but between people do not fight okay, a fight is easy to expose the contradictions, more likely to do whatever it takes, invariably intensify the internal conflict, the end is that you say I'm not good, I say you're not right, and ultimately "credit is not saved".

In the face of competition, you either have to defeat your opponent with a crushing force, or else you need to "punch someone, defend yourself from someone", which not only consumes energy but also leads to slow progress in internal consumption.

If you can't beat your opponent by crushing them, then you have to learn to pull together and find a balance between them, even if you suffer a little.

It is important to know that the opponent determines one's segment, just as an adult would not beat a kindergarten child, and once that happens, then public opinion will be lopsided and it will not be a fight, but a one-sided beating.

Therefore, it is always much better to pull in a partner with similar abilities to your own than to set up an enemy. Competition is to divide a piece of the original cake, and pulling in is to cooperate to make the cake bigger, even if the share is smaller than the original, you will gain more than the original.

Defeating the opponent is not a skill, but pulling together the opponent to become a community of interest, is the skill, only from which you will get more.

Treating work: either you can cry or you can do

It is often said that "the child who can cry has milk to eat", the superiors do not have the time and energy to pay attention to everyone, "will cry" becomes the key, with the leadership of the resources tilt, will certainly be able to make greater achievements.

The key to "will cry" is "will", leadership is a "magnifying glass" that can make your achievements magnified, but also the magnification of your ability. Give the honor to the leader, the next step in the leadership of the resources learning, a natural formation of a virtuous circle.

However, not all achievements are appreciated by superiors, which will make them look bad, so "will do" becomes the key.

In the absence of leadership resources, the use of available resources to do things relatively perfectly is where their value lies. There are always people who say that they are not relied upon by their superiors, but in fact, they just don't have the resources of their leaders. It is human nature to enjoy the benefits of injustice while complaining about not being able to take advantage of it.

So, to "do" is to use the resources you have now to expand your war effort, and to "cry" is to use your superiors as a "magnifying glass", either of which is fine, but the adult world does not The world of adults is not about multiple choice, but about "not only doing but also crying."

Treating the leader: either performance or loyalty

Many people are always trying to please their superiors and cater to them, always thinking that this will get them reappointed and favored by them. Unfortunately, in the logic of the leader, the person who can bring more benefits to himself is the one who needs to be reused.

If the leader is surrounded by so many people who are ingratiating and pandering, why is it that only a small number of people are reappointed? Don't consider the technique of "ass-kissing", and "all are foxes of the millennium, don't talk about it here", the leader can see clearly who is "ass-kissing".

The leader needs such subordinates to open up the territory for himself, so those who have a good performance have more right to speak in front of the leader.

Leaders promote subordinates like "investment", and can reap the visible "gains", then loyalty is the key. Whether it is people who can show performance or people who can show enough loyalty, are the objects of possible reuse by the leadership, and it is only a matter of time before both of them are reused.

Treating colleagues: either you have money, or you are useful

"Put a begging stick in front of the door, friends and relatives do not come to the door; the world needs gold to make friends, not much gold to make friends is not deep; rich and have wine brothers, emergency why ever see a person; even if the promise of temporary promise, is finally a long road pedestrian."

The workplace is like a battlefield, colleagues are not comrades in arms, and no one dares to give their backs to colleagues, but we are not enemies by any means, we do not see each other, and we can't treat people with cold faces.

As the old saying goes, "If you are rich, you can help the world; if you are poor, you can do it alone." Either you are rich and people want to play with you, or you can bring people to make money, or you are useful and you have value in you that others need. Otherwise, everyone is busy, so why should they keep you company?

Who would waste their time when they are both broke and useless? The so-called workplace friendship is just a matter of people not wanting to tear their faces off. Therefore, when you are poor and worthless, it is better to focus on improving yourself and reduce those ineffective social interactions, which are not only difficult for others but also trample on yourself.

If you use your time and energy to improve yourself and make yourself valuable, the so-called "workplace friendship" and "colleague relationship" will naturally come your way.

In conclusion

In the workplace, those who have a "backer" are a minority after all, and those who have a "backer" and can be relied on will be even less. So, instead of relying on others, let yourself become "a mountain". Keeping the above 5 points in mind, you may not be able to make it to the top, but at least you will be able to take the lead after the thorns are cut.


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