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Coolest Cat Condos for Your Feline Friend

Give your pet a house that's fun and stylish. Check out these amazing cat houses you can buy right now.

By Taylor MarkarianPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

Where they fits, they sits—but that doesn't mean you should cheap out on your cat's condo. You and your cat both need a piece of cat furniture that will keep them occupied. A bored cat can become a destructive cat very quickly, and that probably won't make you happy. So, we've assembled a list of cat houses that will keep your kitty endlessly entertained.

As part of the feline family, why shouldn't you treat your cat like a tiger? Give them a house befit for jungly royalty by buying this floor-to-ceiling cat house. This tree comes with multiple platforms, dangling cat toys, mini-houses and a set of stairs. Your striped kitty might never leave.

The design for this 62" cat tree condo from Go Pet Club looks relatively simple, but it has all of the amenities your feline friend would ever need. Platforms, hammocks, stairs, cubbies, scratching posts, and hanging toys come together to give your cats a luxurious living experience.

I want this and I don't even have a cat. This themed cat tree is a model of Robin Hood's tree house. Compared to some of the other cat homes on this list, it isn't the most complex, but it is one of the most adorable. This is one of the coolest cat houses to get for a kitten, so they can test their boundaries and climbing skills.

This cat tree is perfect for your pet because it is a cat! This fuzzy, cat-faced tree has a fun, steep ramp for your cat to climb up and down, three platforms to relax on, multiple scratching posts, and a cubby with a kitty cover for sleeping.

Change the physics of cat houses a little bit by purchasing this 60" cat tree bed. It offers your cat several places to hang out, and we mean that literally, since one of the most distinctive features of this piece of cat furniture is the suspended cylindrical cubby. It isn't just a great place to play and scratch, but a cozy place to sleep for the night, too.

This extra large kitty mansion will definitely keep your cat's attention. It has so many layers and features that it can truly be called a cat tower. The design is also cute and clever, as it is made to look like a legitimate tree house in the Amazon. Your cat will enjoy playing with the leaves just as much as it'll enjoy scratching and climbing.

This leopard print cat tree can easily support multiple cats. With this many platforms, your cat will never have to look far for a place to rest and relax. It's also a stylish choice for your home. This piece of cat furniture will stand out as part of your decor, not just a boring, necessary item.

Cat houses are cool, but cat castles are better! Treat your baby like the princess she is by getting her this super plush kitty castle. This isn't as much a cat tree as it is a place to sleep, but who would ask for better living quarters?

The Kitty Mansions company certainly knows how to make a fun and interactive cat tree. At over six feet tall, this tree takes on the image of a giant, magical Redwood. Your cat will have a blast climbing and jumping from platform to platform, and will be super comfortable in the cubby nestled in the middle of it all.

What makes this one of the coolest cat houses is its focus on play. Whereas most other cat trees have only one hanging cat toy, this one has three. The top platform is also shaped like a kitty paw, so it's as cute as it is functional. Your furry friend will love spending time here.


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