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by Alex D. 2 years ago in guinea pig
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here to stay.

I'll be your story teller.

Our journey begins early '17 with one of those days; when things just didn't go well at all. A time where my humans couldn't love themsves enough, and their hope was drifting away. What do humans do in general when they lose their will, and try to cling to pointless things. Me?! I like two things in my life a comfy bed and food. But my humans were complex beings with emotions and a conscience. They felt lost, empty and disheartened so they decide to go for a walk. Eventually they ended up where we were kept. For me it felt like destiny even if in those times I felt extremely scared, I knew in my heart that my humans are special. They took me and my brother away. I was terrified where I was heading again. But when they put us down I couldn't wait to just run and hide. Our new place was huge, even had my own bed. Didn't use it in the first week as I wanted to sleep next to my brother. I was terrified that we would get separated and that for me would have been the worst thing that could have happened. The next morning they starting talking to us, but we were confused. They gave us things we never seen before. Scared at first, but it smelled so good and tasted even better. They kept calling it parsley. I was hooked. All I could think of was the next morning when I'll be getting more. After a few weeks I started using my bed and realized they kept refreshing it. My humans weren't getting me in trouble for my primal needs. After a month they gave us even more space and I started to actually like this new freedom and realized that if I squick they'll give me goodies from a pack. After that I understood that all my favourite meals come from their room where a gigantic cold box is kept. So from now on I knew that's the place all good things come from. Gradually we were getting time on their couches and they always talked to us. Only thing I was still scared of was this weird looking white tub that floods would happen. Thankfully that was a rare sight and didn't had to deal much with my coat being wet. Few months later my humans were happier. They would get more excited bringing us food and beds than we would ever imagined. I might not see much or understand these complex beings, but their lives got better and ours was filled with love. Because when were kept in the shop, after every night the light was turned off nobody would ever say good night..and now we get more than that. We got a tap on the head and a smile and to be honest that's all i'll ever want for me and my other piggie brothers out there. Let that smile be your new hope.

To be continued...

guinea pig

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