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And your purpose is

by Alex D. 2 years ago in adoption
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"What is your purpose?!"

This inspired me, as I seen it on an Instagram post today. My purpose is to create things or content that leaves a mark, brings a smile and opens a door to people that need a way out. You just want that something that you can relate to whenever you feel sad or lost. Let's call that a "dar". This "dar" comes in all shapes or forms but it's symbolic to each individual. And you can separate this in two essential needs. It's either fullfiling or destructive. And this is where your sole purpose comes in. You choose your next move, and that creates a chain of events. You might think that maybe today you haven't done much or it had no purpose, but you making that choice, small as it may be, it gives time a meaning. And in the end you finding that purpose reduces to literally discovering what is important to you.

‌But "dar" can be your way of making a difference in someone's life. You might not notice it, they might not tell you, but you acting on your gut makes a whole difference. And who actually needs a "thank you" these days?! Yes, it's nice to be appreciated, it's nice to be polite but if all we do is only fish for that, we haven't really defined our purpose then. We just made sure to fill a void. And that's not what a purpose looks like, you read all wrong and you're back feeling miserable. So let's start again, pay attention. You open a door and never close it. That's the only way to feel you made a difference. All we want is to matter, be appreciated and feel like we've accomplished something today. What have you done today that made you feel it added importance to your life ?

I'll tell you ours. It was a rainy day, and we ran out of pet food. So we took the bus to the pet store. It was a busy day, loads of people getting their last minute shopping done. This place we go to is stocked with the newest gadgets and yum yums that we could find in our neighborhood. But, in the same time it has a unsettling feeling of abandonment and sorrow. It pierces your soul everytime you come near the dark place called adoption. Because you think how are humans capable of leaving a piece of their heart behind. Broken, alone and the worst of all, mistreated. Today was another day were we headed to that direction. Most times we find it empty which is an absolute relief. No, not today. Today was the worst, because you tend to find babies together, but not Clark. We couldn't bear leaving him, especially abandoned without company. He wasn't left mistreated, he was tortured, but that's when we knew, he needs us, he needs all our love, all our attention. He was our "dar". And we kept this "dar" living his best life alongside us, in full health and he developed a unique personality. The type that would find music soothing, that would want to be cuddled up in our blanket next to , the one that replaced bitting with constant kissing, the one that gets so excited around a new bed and most important whenever we'd go in a holiday and he ends up with gran, he knows! And that day he'd want to pick him up, tap his head and hug him, just a little reasurecence that we'll be back the next morning to see him. So, you serve a purpose to others and others serve a purpose to you. You are significant and you are capable of unconditional love, and you will receive it from places you'll least expect. Just remember what's important to you and follow your heart.



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