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Cats you should try and own

My thoughts on humanity's feline friends

By Johann HollarPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
My little Davy

The cat pictured above happens to be my cat (or as I call him my Little Zoomer on account of the fact that he often zooms around the house and sometimes the Treat Thief cause he tries to steal treats from the cupboard) and happens to be the current light of my life.

His name is David or as I call him "Little Davy".

But there are many cats out there that deserve just as much love as my boy here and can be just as wacky or cute. Here is a list of other cats that one should consider owning and some I have had the luxury of owning.

A little Panther just relaxing

For those of you who have never owned a black cat because of that superstitious nonsense, you are missing out on a lot. For starters, that nonsense about Black cats being unlucky is a load of crap. The only thing these little cuties will steal is your heart and you would have the luxury of owning your very own house panther.


Who wouldn't want to own a bi-colored cat? Little darlings like them can be so cute no matter what age they are when you get them at.

I used to own one. Her name was Castaway and I once had the luxury of having her sleep with me one time.

Just look at this Youtube video and tell me why you won't buy a Tuxedo cat.

Ginger Cats

Cute as buttons ain't they?

I again have had the luxury of owning such breeds (could have been tabbies though) and from the experience, I have had with this particular cat, I for one cannot complain.

The cat of this breed I used to have was named Chester and another who I named Tiffany (even though he was a boy).

I know Chester and my black cat Max got along quite well. In a sense, they were like brothers and it was depressing that Chester had to die.


Looks like little Tigers don't they?

While owning these little cuties would not be the same as owning a tiger, they still can prove to be a bundle of joy like the cats that I have previously mentioned. Even fully grown they are still adorable and not intimidating like their wild cousins.

They are the youngest breed of cat, having been breed in the 1990's with Bengal cats and the Asian Leopard cat.

British Shorthair

Want to has a Cheezburger? with this breed of cat you can has a Cheezburger.

These adorable little critters live up to their name as Shorthairs because of their short, dense hair. They are also compact when they reach adulthood. The blue-grey coats in the seen in the picture are the average appearance of British Shorthairs.

Russian Blue

Like the British Shorthairs, they have a short, dense cat, along with the blue-grey hair. But unlike the British Shorthairs, they are not as compact even in their adult form.

One of the fun things about owning a Russian Blue is that like a dog they are loyal to their owners, so much so that they pretty much follow their owners everywhere and not surprisingly enough they greet their owners at the door. They don't mind if you go out for most of the day, but when you are home, they expect you to play with them.

Dearheart Chinchilla Silver Persians

If your're a cat owner and you get the furry member of you family Fancy Feast, then you should recognize this breed of cat.

Breed for their beauty and lacking in the peak faced features like their Persian purebred cousins, these little doll-faced critters also come in Blue, Gold, and Blue Chinchilla Golden. There is also Shaded Persian and Chinchilla Persian.

In the End

I hoped you enjoy reading about humanity's feline friends and the photos of them.


About the Creator

Johann Hollar

I had attended Minnesota State University Mankato where I received my Bachelors in History with a Minor in Philosophy. I currently work at the Woodbury Village Target as a Stocker when I am not writing you all such interesting stories.

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