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Day Trip to London...

By Mp PPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
Bear 🐻 Duke in Queens Psrk

A day trip to London for an office meeting. Bear and I woke around 4:30. We went for a quick walk, Bear relieved himself of the evening meal and drink. Getting home I ran a hot bath remembering we had a 200 mile plus journey ahead of us. I feed him, possibly a little more than usual, and a few treats of dried tripe. I than sat in the tub for an hour and had a shave.

Bear, now watching me in my towel smelling fresh before I take a shirt on my back and tie a tie and much before adorning my suit I dress Bear in jacket with his badges and knives and contemplate if I should place the 1911 colt in his holster. I forgo the fire arm and check the knives on his back.

Next on Bear is his harness which is adjusted as he is getting bigger by the week. I place Bear's global recon collar and stand back in full admiration. However still contemplating the side arm...

Next my turn with the dressing, now all dressed we leave the house, circa 07.00GMT, short walk to the bus stop, we board a bus traveling south bound a ride for a hour. Another short walk to the train station, we have brunch and a coffee. Boarding a train south bound at 09.00GMT the train ride to London is long sitting in first class is a luxury. Bear and I enjoyed it. The space is great the service is also.

We arrive in London a few hours later and make our way to Victoria using the underground, a busy place, Bear in stride and by my side we make our way through the tunnels and passages, up and down the stairs through the underground train. Arriving at Victoria I show Bear the escalators he shows great inquisitive in the staircase that has self movement. He boards rides it up and jumps of with great air. I appreciate the mastery.

We exit the ticket barrier and make our way to Buckingham Palace Road, the office in sight just a busy 4 lane London road to cross, at the office we see colleagues and mentors, Bear is very content. He gets water and feed. We leave after a few hours and make our way to the local other office, a pub just off Hugh Street. I take Bear inside and order half a pint of Pride, get Bear some water, and sit outside and enjoy the sun. Our next destination is Queens Park. We board the underground and attend another meeting. As the meeting comes to and end the partners I meet with come to an agreement that a business deal can come to amicable arrangement, Bear signs on the floor as to acknowledge our work is done hear and he is content with the deal.

I now owe Bear some us time, we head to the park Queens Park I again water him, feed him, and he plays with me in the park. It’s getting late and Bear is tired I know, we plug on and make the North bound journey home.

Finally at the train station and ready to relax for 3 hours on the long haul train North. Bear at my side tired but vigilant, I order a few GT and slowly unwind.

We take short taxi from the station to home stopping at McDonalds for a midnight feast.


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