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Attack of Shadows

My Heroic Dog at the Crossroads of 3am

By Veronica ColdironPublished 3 months ago Updated 14 days ago 9 min read
Top Story - June 2023
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I've always had a natural curiosity about paranormal things, but also have been a skeptic when it comes to boogeymen and such. At 3am on March 20th, 2023, that skepticism departed for good. A series of random events in my dog situation stacked the odds in my favor before I found myself in my room, in the middle of the night, wide awake... with a shadow person.

Let me start by saying, that I have a small family of Pomeranian - Chihuahuas. It all started when a veterinarian told me my only dog, a Pomeranian named Molly, at 15-years-old would soon be dead.

Molly at 15

As avid dog lovers, my husband and I occasionally went to pet stores and shelters on Saturday or Sunday just to pet the dogs and cats because they don't get as much love as pets with homes.

A couple of weeks after Molly's diagnosis, many of the shelters were closed and by the time we made it to the adoption weekend, the pets were already gone. So, we decided to go to a pet store. When you think about it, those dogs are in cages all day and unless people with a lot of money come in, they could use love too. This is the place where we met our next fur-baby, Maybelline. (May-May)


We weren't impressed when we saw her because she was listless and I thought she was sick. I held her in my arms and her head lolled to one side with her tongue hanging out. The story was that she had been there since she was six-weeks-old and she was four-month-old when we saw her. She had been in a cage for months. We didn't have the kind of money it takes to pay for a Pom-Chi with a pedigree, and even if I could, I wasn't sure I wanted to take one on that was probably going to cost me a lot of money in pet care bills. So we gave her back to the clerk.

When we left the store to go eat dinner, I had left my phone and my glasses at home so we swung by the get them. I ran in the front door, darted into the living room for my things and as I arrived, I literally saw that little Pom-chi sitting in front of the Christmas tree next to Molly. I got a double take and there was nothing there. I've never had a premonition before and it scared the crap out of me!

Struck by the vision, it took me a minute to get a grip on myself, before I went back to the car and went on to dinner. As we ate, I related to my husband what happened, and we went back to see her. She was a totally different dog when we returned! We told the clerk how much money we had on our credit card, ($400), and they took it.

Maybelline breathed new life into Molly and they were thick as thieves. Then a thought arrested me; what happens when Molly does die? Maybelline would be all alone! Enter Merlin. A full blooded-solid black, four-month-old Pomeranian.

Merlin when we got him at 4-months-old

Merlin now

Luckily, Merlin was still at a kennel at four-months-old, because no one wanted him. I saw the ad for him in on a rescue website, and they were willing to take $400. Now... my husband and I are two people who have usually brought in scruffy dogs off the street. There is no way we'd ever pay that much money for a dog. Even though Molly was a full-blooded Pomeranian, she was a rescue we got for free.

She was already 6-years-old when we got her and her tail had been broken so badly it was permanently bent. For us to have a cute little family of pure bred dogs is something neither of us would ever have done deliberately, but our dogs had needed recuing too. No one would take them, and we love them.

If you've never had a Pomeranian or a Pom-Chi, let me just say that they are incredibly bright. They were all almost instantly potty-trained to go outside when they needed to go, and they didn't require kennel training. They're hypo-allergenic dogs, love toys, will dance for treats and are very sociable with other dogs, cats and children.

Having said that, I didn't know that a four-month-old Pomeranian boy and a 6-month-old Pomeranian - Chihuahua girl could make babies. May-May had a litter of six, huge Pom-Chi boys. She was too young and too weak to keep up so the doctor had to put her on antibiotics and steroids to strengthen her so that she could take care of them. It worked!

Maybelline and company

We only planned to keep the runt of the litter and the other pups were easy to find homes for. One of them, though, we had an issue with. Covid happened shortly before they were born and the man who had reserved Chewbacca Han, (Chewy), couldn't come because of the freeze at the airports, and he asked us to keep him for a few weeks. Several months went by, and we just loved him too much to let him go. So, we had 5 dogs, which we can all agree is ridiculous.


Marcus Aurelius (Marky-Mark)

Marky-Mark and Chewy now

All of the dogs kept their small stature except for Chewy. He continued to grow until he was roughly the size of a small collie. Despite his huge size, he is the sweetest of all the dogs. Always carrying a ball or squeaky toy around in his mouth, curling himself into places he's too big for and climbing into my lap when I'm trying to work, this beautiful boy easily made two or three of the others. In fact, he is now a 48-pound Pom-Chi.

Chewy at 6 months old and 30 pounds. Now twice this big,

Chewbacca quickly became my dog. The other dogs tended to stay with my husband, but Chewy is always wherever I am. I can't sit in my spot on the couch unless he's in my lap, which takes up most of my body. At night, my husband takes the dogs to the bedroom while I lock up and when I finally get there, Chewy is always in my spot.

Chewy with his wubbi... in my spot

In my spot!

At night, I lie on my right side, with the edge of my bed behind me. Once I get in, Chewy climbs into the bed and curls up behind my knees for the night, with his head on my hip. Occasionally, Merlin gets a little territorial and tries to make Chewy move, but he's not having it and they get into a little growling, but generally speaking, after a while they give up and go back to sleep.

On March 20th, I was sleeping pretty soundly when the growling started. I opened my eyes, glanced at the clock, (3am) and then listened carefully. Ordinarily, I am hearing two dogs growl. This night, I only heard Chewy and the growling was different. It sounded... dangerous. I assumed he was dreaming, so I reached behind me and started petting him to calm him down.

"It's okay bubba." I told him.

The growling intensified, and instantly the hair on my arms stood up as though by static electricity.

"Chewy?" I murmured, rolling over to see him better. "What's the matter buddy?" I grabbed my phone on the night table and pressed the button to light it up so I could see him better.

The sweetest dog in the house was sitting up on his haunches like a grizzly bear, baring his teeth and growling low in his throat like the big bad wolf.

"Chewy?" Fear gripped me and I propped myself up on my elbows.

At that moment, this loud shrieking noise pierced the night and a smoky plume came through the window above my headboard. Shrieking, it raced into the room.

My husband was asleep next to me through most of this. But when the shadow figure flew in, he stirred a bit.

I don't know what this creature was saying because the voice was very shrill and intense and I couldn't recognize the language. I could somehow tell that it was angry with my dog and calling him some nasty name that had to do with pee. Something like "Piss-ant", "piss-face" or "pee-boy". Like I said, I didn't understand the language, I just knew what it meant.

This shadowy thing sailed in so quickly it was difficult to follow its movement. The top part was a man's body, but where his waist would have been, there was a smoky plume. He had no shirt on, was well muscled and bald. He shoved my dog off the bed before I had time to react. My husband, however was out of the bed running to check on the dog in mere seconds and the shadow figure spun to look at me, and began fading. I curled myself into a ball and prayed.

I prayed harder than I have ever prayed in my life. I was oblivious to my husband as he scooped Chewy up and held him. I could still feel the electricity in the room and I wasn't stopping until I knew it was gone. In mere seconds, I could feel the power of that prayer coursing through me and instantly... it was gone.

My husband was sitting on the bench at the foot of the bed checking Chewy to make sure he was okay and then asked me what happened. I related to him what I had seen and he sat quietly listening while I stroked the dog, more to calm myself than him. After a while, we both went back to sleep.

The next day, I took a few minutes to call my local paranormal society. I know that sounds crazy, but I needed someone to tell me if what I saw was real, or if I was maybe needing psychological help. The gentleman I spoke to was very comforting.

He said that most likely this thing had just looked through the wall there trying to figure out where it was, and our dog saw it. He said that 3am was a spiritual time and likely this thing had just stumbled on us.

I asked why the other dogs didn't react and he said not all animals are attuned to the supernatural. He said he didn't think it would be a good idea to come investigate. He said that the "shadow people" aren't usually attached to a home or to people, and if they came out there to investigate, they would hate to wake something up. He wished me well and told me to call if it happened again.

So far... so good.

I think he's right about certain animals. Molly died almost a couple weeks later. (April 1st) When we found her, Chewy was lying next to her with his arm around her, something he had never done before. I know I went through some crazy things and saw something I can't explain, but my dog was there to keep it away, and he was here to be with Molly when she fell asleep for good.

It's amazing to me how much love and kindness there is in the heart of a single dog. Chewy is definitely my dog and I am so grateful that fate chose him for me.

Chewy and Me

My little Wookie


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Veronica Coldiron

I'm a mild-mannered project accountant by day, a free-spirited writer, artist, singer/songwriter the rest of the time. Let's subscribe to each other! I'm excited to be in a community of writers and I'm looking forward to making friends!

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  • Naveedkk 3 months ago

    Super!!! Excellent story!!!

  • Ranjan Baral3 months ago

    Very interesting ...Well done.

  • Interesting story with many cute moments... Wow five dogs!!! Congratulations on the Top Story!!!

  • Dana Crandell3 months ago

    Dog lover and believer in the supernatural, here. I've had a few instances where a dog that saw or sensed things I couldn't. You have a great protector there! Congratulations on Top Story.

  • Awesome ✨ 😁👍Congratulations on your Top Story💖🎊‼️

  • I enjoyed reading your work.

  • Novel Allen3 months ago

    The supernatural exists. Let no one tell you different. I have experienced it. But that was very scary and weird, Animas are more attuned than we are, So happy your dog was there to scare whatever that was a way. Congrats on TS.

  • ong chee keong3 months ago

    Animal lover

  • Dana Stewart3 months ago

    Whoa, that gave me goosebumps! I believe in the unexplainable, I really do. I am sorry for your loss, our fur kids are part of the family. Chewy is adorable, that’s the perfect name. Congratulations on Top Story!

  • Oh wow. It is amazing what the love of a pet will do. I hope that was a one time encounter

  • Tiffany Gordon 3 months ago

    What a sweetheart Chewy is! Your dogs are beautiful Veronica! Thx 4 sharing this story! So glad that your Prayers worked! Congrats on your TOP STORY!

  • Babs Iverson3 months ago

    Fantastic and amazing story!!! Congratulations in Top Story!!! Your dogs are beautiful!!! Chewy is definitely your special dog!!!❤️❤️💕

  • Heather Hubler3 months ago

    Holy crap!! I loved the backstory of how your furry family has grown but I was not prepared for the shadow man to happen!! Chills just hearing about it. So glad you had your pup to protect you :) Congratulations on Top Story!!

  • Lamar Wiggins3 months ago

    Back to say Congrats on your Top Story! You and all the puppers deserve it! 💖

  • Exciting and fun to read. I hope there will be a sequel. I'm sorry for the loss of your Molly. I love the pups.

  • Deasun T. Smyth3 months ago

    Aww! My family have 5 dogs, 1 really old English Bulldog, 2 chihuahuas, 1 King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, and me myself have a cute Pomeranian; named Jasper. He's a runt and quite small for a Pomeranian, and always likes to lick, like non stop. Good lick to your pets, and so sorry about Molly. 🐶

  • Donna Renee3 months ago

    Omg! Chills reading this…. 🤯. Also, they are all sooo cute! 🥰

  • Congratulations on your Top Story, I will read this properly later ❤️

  • Jay Kantor3 months ago

    Chewy/wit 'wubbi' touched my heart - Jay

  • Lamar Wiggins3 months ago

    I took an instant liking to chewy even before you mentioned he was your baby. I love dogs and find myself getting sentimental reading stories about them. It’s hard going into the shelters and not wanting to take them all. And it’s good to know that the shadow man had no interest in sticking around. How dare he call chewy a “piss ant” lol. The nerve! Loved this story. Thank you for sharing!

  • Lilly Cooper3 months ago

    Chewy is gorgeous ❤️ I think there are things out there that can't be rationalised or explained away. You gave me chills!

  • Maybelline has my heart 🥺❤️ I was just staring at her eyes on that photo for so long. Also, have you told this story before about this shadow thingy? It just seemed so familiar to me. Chewy is just so sweet. And sorry for your loss of Molly 🥺💔

  • Mariann Carroll3 months ago

    Chewy is a special dog for sure. Thanks for sharing your family story ❤️💓. I cannot resist a dog story

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