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Imagine if you can a 5 story brick building in the middle of 5 acres of land with fencing all around at about 7 feet high. At the north end of the land there is a beautiful man-made lake with benches and a small dock to fish off of. At the east end of the land you see a small little forest of Evergreen trees and weeping willows, with a trail going towards the southern end of the land. The west end of the land is all open fields, lots of space to run around and just have fun! As you walk up the front walk way you see a large sign "Angel Haven".

Angel Haven was started 4 years ago as a side project for my family and I. We are all animal lovers of some sort and we had a desire to help animals that are in need. We have a veterinarian on staff, we have a professional dog groomer, we have staff to just be a companion for a dying pet. We are not a shelter, the animals we take stay with us, unless we are for certain that we can re-home them with good families, we tell the family that if for any reason they cannot keep their rescue that we will take them back no questions asked.

When you first walk into the front entry way you are immediately greeted by a large African Toucan with his bright orange beak, jumping up and down on his perch saying "Hello", "Hello". You may or may not notice that "Sam the Toucan" only has 1 leg and is partially bald in spots, but he is always happy to greet people "Hello"! On the wall adjacent to Sam we have a map of what all is located in our Haven.

Main floor is where we have our grooming rooms, veterinarian offices, a large kitchen and at the far end is a large pool with a small wading pool connected. There are stairs heading up to the top floors, with a ramp walk way beside so if stairs are too hard on some of our occupants they can still walk to the top floors, not to mention we included an elevator. (More for our humans!)

The second floor of Angel Haven is better known as "Cat Alley", as this is where all of our feline friends live. There are no cages and almost all the doors are kept open so that the cats can free roam the whole floor. We have 2 rooms that have cages but only if we need to keep a cat separate because of an injury or maybe recovering from surgery. There are rooms with climbing trees, secret panels in the walls that the cats can walk through to go to other rooms, we have a sun room with toys and blankets, scratching posts and boxes to play in!

Going up to the 3rd floor you are walking into "Woof Alley", and yeah you guessed it this is where our canine friends are housed. Here too we have a free roam floor, with a separate room for recovery. There is a room for puppies, a room for small dogs that aren't too comfortable roaming with the big dogs! We have toys and beds and blankets.

The fourth floor is for any other types of animals we may come across, anything from a raccoon that needed some loving to birds. We keep rabbits and guinea pigs; snakes you name it we will take it if we can! Attached to this floor is a hallway that leads to our barn, where we house the big guys anything from horses to sheep!

The fifth and final floor is our private living quarters which we also have access to the barn and our own separate entryway. We have a cabin next to the barn that is housing for our employees that wish to live on site either full time or part-time.

Someday this dream will become a reality!

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