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A Tale of Anger And Patience - Budhhist story

By PratikPublished 3 months ago • 3 min read


In life, it is important to recognize the consequences of anger. Gautam Buddha, a wise teacher, often told his students that they will not be punished for their anger, but rather they will be punished by their anger. This story exemplifies how being too quick to get angry can lead to problems and teaches us the value of patience in difficult situations.

Lost in the Forest

Once upon a time, a king found himself lost in a dense forest. After wandering for a while, he started feeling thirsty. Unfortunately, he had no water with him. Despite searching around, he could not find water anywhere. His throat was getting dry, and he was becoming increasingly desperate.

The Tree with Water

Just when the king was about to lose hope, his eyes fell on a tree. To his surprise, small drops of water were falling from one of the branches. The king approached the tree and collected some leaves to make a bowl. Using those leaves, he started filling it with the precious drops of water. It took a long time to fill the bowl, but when it was finally filled, the king felt a sense of relief and raised the bowl to drink the water.

The Interference of the Parrot

However, in a moment of misfortune, a parrot sitting on a branch of the tree came flying and pounced on the bowl. All the water spilled out, leaving the king angry and frustrated. Determined to quench his thirst, the king started the process all over again. He patiently collected water drops in the bowl of leaves, enduring the time-consuming task. But just as he was about to drink the water, the parrot once again knocked the bowl out of his hands.

The Final Straw

Now consumed by rage, the king took out his sword and angrily started filling the bowl with water drops for the third time. This time, when the king was about to drink the water, the parrot flew towards him. In a fit of anger, the king swung his sword and killed the innocent bird.

Regret and Reflection

After the parrot's death, the king contemplated his actions. He realized that the parrot was not trying to sabotage his efforts but was actually trying to save his life. The drops of water were falling from a branch where a poisonous snake lay dead. The parrot was trying to warn the king about the danger of drinking that water. It dawned on the king that his impatience and anger had blinded him to the parrot's warning, and he felt deep remorse and guilt for his actions.

The Lesson of Patience

This story serves as a powerful reminder of the destructive nature of anger. Anger is like a poison that originates from ignorance and leads to regret. When we let anger control our actions, we not only harm ourselves but also those around us. On the other hand, patience is like a soothing water that cools our minds and prevents us from making impulsive and regrettable decisions.

Controlling anger requires cultivating patience. The king in the story was so impatient and furious that he failed to notice the parrot's warning and ended up killing an innocent bird. Only later did he realize that the parrot was trying to save him from drinking poisonous water. Unfortunately, it was too late for him to undo his actions, and he was left with a heavy burden of remorse and guilt.

The Antidote to Anger

This story teaches us the importance of not letting anger take control of our actions. Instead, it encourages us to calm down and think patiently before reacting. Patience is the antidote to anger. Whenever you feel anger taking over you, take a pause, breathe deeply, and reflect on the situation with patience. Remember, a moment of patience in a moment of anger can prevent a thousand moments of regret.

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  • Jagdish Kumar 3 months ago

    Excellent đź‘Ś

  • Pritam3 months ago

    It's a wonderful and very inspirational story.

  • Karan3 months ago

    Too good an inspirational story. Thank you, Pratik

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