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Workaholics vs. 9-5 folks

by E.S Aurelien 3 months ago in success / social media / goals / advice
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This article I got inspired to write because I've been called a workaholic by my other half.

I've been called a workaholic by my husband but that's just it what is this word. What is the different between workaholic vs. the 9-5 crowd of people. These are some of the questions I've been asking myself.

I looked up in a dictionary about what these words mean.

Workaholic- a person who compulsively works and long hours.

9-5 crowd of works- a person who works regular hours in a business like environment usually in an office setting.

I believe signs of workaholic people at least for me is working long hours on my businesses. No time off, even when I'm not working I feel board. So yes, I know what I am. I own it, but I know if I didn't work these long hours I wouldn't be as proud as I am now of myself.

I am working on building a small empire a publishing service, writing books, being a blogger, and hopefully I really want to have my own independent book store.

I'm not obsessed with working it just feels good knowing that you are working towards something.

Working hard is completely a normal thing to do. Most importantly doing what you love is easier then working a 9-5 work day.

Now the 9-5 job crowds like working for places like Walmart, insurance companies as receptionists, investors, and such. In this part a lot of these places don't make enough. I think that's why others have turned down the side hustle business, or become an entrepreneur. Because they are working their hardest to build something. While having money in the wallet.

The crowds working 9-5 I'm sure it's not fulfilling int their eyes.

But all these major corporations is working for them even worth it. Does it bring us joy? Does it bring any of us joy.

For some yes. For some we settle for less, did you ever thing about when we were kids that moment when we woke up excited to start the day.

The joy we used to feel at one time. At some point we stopped caring about that joy. Everything became all about money.

Building a business is all I ever wanted. Aurelien Publishing Service though isn't a scam is for real. I want to show everyone where you can pay for our services.

Most publishing services are charging so much. But my services aren't so much money. What I don't understand is, I work with other author's myself for one.

For guest blogging on my blogging website I charge 35.00 even. So, how can't this not work?

When you are having issues at work, anyone should start a side hustle working for Doordash driver you can make up to 25.00 an hour with 100% tips. If you know your own town you can do this. If I would have remembered Doordash I would be still working for them. Only thing you need is a car, and a GPS.

Images inspired.

My story of being a workaholic is quit simple when my grandpa was alive he never encouraged me to work. So when he passed away I got to find what my passion is. This is the first time I've ever been passionate when I'm writing, or working towards my business. Because I can't afford my own domain at this time. So when promoting my business I can only use twitter platform.

Facebook keeps flagging my business website link, because it's on Yet the social media platform promotes places like Telsar, people who are scammers rather then check before they promote. I find this so absurd, so unprofessional. You should be checking before you promote businesses. And even if you haven't heard of these businesses before make sure they say they are startup companies.

In, addition, to workaholics verses the 9-5 folks I would rather be a workaholic because I am work hard and I am earning a wage. I am not working for companies that make things difficult for workers.

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