Why I Woke Up Happy Today

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Why You Deserve To

Why I Woke Up Happy Today
On Edge - Photographer Joseph Mackay 

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. This will always be true even after you and I are long gone. It will never stop happening that way, unless some universal phenomenon occurs. Hopefully by then, we aren't around for that kind of chaos.

The setting of our life is very easy to catch onto.

We wake up. We brush our teeth. We get best dressed. We cook eggs sunny side up. We eat. We hit the door running. We drive our daily commute to work. We clock in. We take shit from our boss. We take shit from consumers and guests. We take a smoke break. We clock out. We walk back to our car. We go home. We cook ramen noodles in the microwave. We find the clicker. We turn on the TV. At some point during that evening on the couch... We ask ourselves, "When will things change? How did I end up in this endless cycle of monotony?"

Most people will say, "Oh, well go back to school. Find a new job. Start saving more money. Eat better. Call mom more."

You can't go to school and expect every external/internal problem to be fixed after graduation. You likely can't find a job that isn't going to piss you off from time to time. Let me say this slowly for those in the back, you will never have enough money. There will always be bills. Well, unless you're Bill Gates or apart of the elite few. For us simple folk, you will work until you reach retirement.

Food is not the answer. Calling mom does help, but we don't want to worry her.

We don't want to spread that kind of negativity, but somehow that doesn't stop us from being eye to eye with worry.

We worry about our lives being average.

A lot of us are caught in the mess of the world. We often forget that we choose our emotions subconsciously. We choose to: be sad, mad, to worry, etc.

A good friend once said to me, "It's 10% what happened & the other 90% is how you chose to react."

Let me break this down to a science for you. Every day is basically the same, however every situation has it's independent variables. You make so many choices throughout each day. Most of these choices are subconscious.

According to the internet, an adult makes an average of 35,000 decisions a day. Whether those decisions are conscious or subconscious... We make every single one of them.

The easy fixes I mentioned before are just a band aid. No, I'm not saying don't go back to school. What I'm saying is you need to fix your internal problems in order to see a difference in your external world. What you put in, changes your personal outcome.

Where does this problem begin? With me. With you. With us. With we.

We are not happy with ourselves.

Many days, I'm confused about my life being average, but to someone else that sees my Instagram feed... they don't see anything average about my life. They see this divine feed of photography. They see that I'm hiking in a beautiful spot. They see me working out. They see the food I cook. They see the smiles I force. They see what I want them to see.

Today, I want you to take a breather.

Forget about all of it. Literally, I want you to concentrate on breathing. Be still. Align your chakra's. Point your mat toward Mecca. Grab your bible. Whatever it is that gets you closer to yourself and what you believe.

If you just believe in yourself, that's fine too. We all come from different walks of life.

Now... as crazy as it sounds, I want you to talk to yourself. Reach in, grab your soul, and give it a good shake. Ask yourself, "What can I do internally to help myself and my situation?"

I want you to slow down. We are constantly running around like chickens with our heads cut off. It's not fair to our fragile psyche.

You need to remind yourself of something that you probably often forget... remind yourself, "I love myself. I love the person I am. I even love the mistakes I've made, and the ones I have yet made. I am not perfect and I should cut myself some slack, because I deserve self love. "

No one ever asks to be put on this earth. Your parents never asked to be born. Your boss never asked to be born. The cop that pulled you over last Tuesday, never asked to be born. None of us did.

However, that doesn't mean the world owes you anything. You owe it to yourself to provide self stability. You owe yourself love. You deserve to live a happier life. It's up to you to make that happen.

Repeat after me: "Everything is going to be okay. EVERYTHING is going to be okay. You are too precious of a person, to have a mind that worries too much. Stop worrying your life away. Live it away."

I posted this same quote recently on one of my online profiles. Thirty-one people reacted to it. I know what you're thinking, "Only thirty-one?"

It doesn't matter. All thirty-one of those people are significant. If something as small as a self help quote can affect their day, then I hope to reach out to others with this article.

Do someone the favor of promoting self love. Share the post with someone you know that is struggling. It might be just what they needed to hear.

"I told you to be patient

I told you to be fine

I told you to be balanced

I told you to be kind" - Bon Iver

Baylee Tyree
Baylee Tyree
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