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Why Haven't You Achieved Your Goals (And How You Could Achieve Them)

Setting goals is essential to one's long-term success because it is like a road to life.

By Sanjay SinghPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Why Haven't You Achieved Your Goals (And How You Could Achieve Them)
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We are now in the second phase of 2021, and I am sure most of us are here looking at our new goals for this year. For some people, though, setting goals can be a daunting task. Many others set goals and then forget about them until the following year. And then there are those who do not even bother to set aside anything for themselves. that goal is important in our lives; hence, I will begin by emphasizing the importance of setting goals. After that, I will share with you tips that you can use to set effective goals.

The Importance of Setting Goals

Why is it important to set goals? Setting goals is essential to one's long-term success because it is like a road to life. Goals bring us to where we want to be in the future such as how the road brings us from point A to point B.

Think about it, if we do not have goals, there is a good chance we will not know what we want in life. It’s like getting lost in the woods, without following.

SMART goals plan

As mentioned earlier, many people set their own goals, but how many will be achieved? Many people still have goals that they set for themselves 10 years ago! I will share with you how to set goals with the SMART program. Why the SMART goal? By setting SMART goals, you are actually making your road to your destinations shorter and easier.

Setting SMART goals means that the goals you set must meet the following SMART criteria:

Clearly - Your goal should be as clear as possible. It should not be obscure. Here are some questions to guide you in setting goals:

What do I want to achieve?

Why is achieving this goal so important to me?

Who do I want to be?

When do I want to accomplish it?

Where is the place?

Evaluation - You should be able to measure the progress of your goal. There must be a balance. For example, if my goal is to become a millionaire, I will know that I am in the middle of having $ 500,000, and I have achieved my goal if I have $ 1,000,000.

Available - The keyword for this element is 'resources'. An attainable goal means that you can achieve that by using the resources (time, money, energy) you have that allow you to remain committed to achieving that goal.

Realistic - Try to set a goal that is not too big or too simple. It should make you feel happy and challenged at the same time. It is good to set challenging goals for yourself, but if it is a very challenging one, you may get discouraged and give up after a while. Likewise, a simple goal can make you lose your focus, and you may not be able to reach your goal. A simple tip for doing this is to divide your main goal into larger steps. Achieving these milestones is not as stressful as getting a bigger target with a single shot. Once you reach one milestone, you will feel motivated and refreshed to complete the next stages.

At the right time - Many people set amazing goals for themselves, but they often miss this - part of the time. It is important to set a time frame or deadline for your purpose. I cannot stress enough the importance of setting a time for each of your problems. Without time, there is no sense of urgency and you may delay your efforts to reach that goal. "Oh, I'll do it later. Next week. Next month." Some people even forget about it! That is why many people have dreamed the same thing over the past decade!

The 1,000-mile journey begins with the first step

Take Great Action

That's your SMART program. Now is the time to act. Start by pointing out the goals and write them on a large piece of paper, and place them near you so that you can read them regularly. Remember, nothing is done unless you take action because the bridge between dreams and reality is ACTION !!


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