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One Hell of Motorcycle and a Black Feather.

By Leeza CooperPublished 11 months ago Updated 11 months ago 11 min read
Founder/President Wheels & Dolls; Leeza with her Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883.


Pure unadulterated ferocious vicious blood curdling fucking rage. With every stride forward she could feel the hot venom penetrating her heart and pulling her backwards towards hell. The powerful stabbing force in her chest resembled an uninvited uncontrollable demon biting her repeatedly with its sharp fangs.

So villainous and savage were its teeth that even the devil himself paled into complete insignificance.

“How dare you! How dare you show yourself to be real after all this time” she shouted loudly over the hill and into the approaching darkness. As she gasped for air under the weight of truth, her feet pounding hard into the concrete pavement, she imagined it was her husband’s head receiving the blunt impact of her fury.

She had completely lost track of time during her run or was it more like time had lost track of her. She was a nothing, a thing, a stupid, pathetic, useless nonperson; he had told her many times himself.

It was obvious now that she had been abused, and now she was abandoned in some kind of weird time warp, one that had hijacked her mind and left her body behind to starve and rot in hell. It was this truth that found her putting on her running shoes every morning for the past few years.

Something had to sustain her and keep her warm even if it wasn’t going to be him. Something had to deliver an escape to what was unfolding around her without her permission, and running like the famous character Forrest Gump was the only way to do it. This simple but positive man and his magical feathers had become her hope and her future too.

She had run so many miles over the last few years gathering every different coloured plumage on her path that she was certain she could have traversed the globe a dozen times by now like a real bird. But, despite all her running from one town hundreds of miles away to the next, soaring across the dusty trails of the Blue Mountains and down to the sparkling sunny coast of Australia, she still felt an immense amount of anger from her husband’s betrayals and his insidious behaviours.

Leeza her feather ink and Macaw feathers, running at private farm at Mount White, NSW Australia.

What had worked initially, ignoring, pretending, hiding and running didn’t satisfy her anymore. In the beginning her running idea had worked perfectly, but now that dangerous rocky edge had reappeared on the horizon and it was coming at her hard and fast like a menacing storm with all its vengeance. Those precious sunsets and lifesaving highs of endorphins were no longer available to her, she had outrun them and no matter where she ran, or how far or how fast she ran she couldn’t get them back.

Leeza running barefoot in Queensland Australia to raise funds for the Wayside Chapel homeless shelter. Ink is Born to Run.

As she turned the last corner to her rural acreage tree-lined street, she could see the flickering house lights shining across the immaculately groomed front yard lighting her way to the front door, almost mocking her with their fake sparkling welcome. Her mind was still awash with torment and mixed emotions after today’s new discovery as she studied the driveway to see if the imposter was home. Madness and sadness rose in a cloudy mist of heat above her steaming head and long sticky tentacles of sweat saturated her clothing replacing the tears that no longer fell.

It was winter in Australia and despite the cold night air of early evening, her face was flushed like a beetroot and her ears were pricked up and ready in anticipation of any sudden movements from the bushes. This had become her life, this was what her world had turned into. A game of cat and mouse had begun with a wild car chase through suburban streets as thugs after her husband threatened the family. The whole can full of worms was eventually spilt open when two of his mistresses knocked on the front door one day, pleading for her counsel. It was the final straw breaking the camel’s back, except that it wasn’t she and her husband humping and grinding away, but him and the rest of the neighbourhood.

She also had to learn how to decipher the truth about the horse’s mouth when it came to her husband’s business trips and golf and cricket games. A starving bird in a cage she was, and it was time to escape the bars surrounding her.

Bedraggled and forlorn she wrapped her arms around her body and willed her feet to push forward one in front of the other towards the front door. The irony, she thought to herself. I want to return home to my children with all my heart, but I also need to keep on running. I want to run away forever and leave him and his adulterous and abusive behaviour far behind me. But first I want to hunt him down like the dirty filthy rat that he is and then string him up to a tree by his tail and leave him dangling there, blowing in the wind like a useless old rag. I want to watch him beg for mercy before choking on my dust as I ride off into the golden sunset. I’m over it, I’m over the lies and betrayals, she thought to herself. It’s his turn to sit in the dirt, it’s where he belongs, not me! Dear universe, let him be covered in the filth and shit of his own doing. Or maybe I’ll run him over with my wrath and stomp on his ego so he can see what it’s like to be abused and then discarded.

Pressing the front door keypad, she punched in the numbers of his birthday, just another little reminder to everyone who was boss. Fuck you and your eight infinity quest and all your other bullshit lies and untruths. She took a mental note to learn how to change the pass code and then she adopted her fake smile and plastered it onto her face before stepping inside.

Fake it until you make it, she repeated to herself as she held tightly onto her new shiny black feather. She was well aware she had to tread lightly until she could plan her escape.

And so she did. Until she learnt how to ride a beast instead of being beaten by one.

Leeza on her Ducati

This introduction narrative to my Vocal challenge is just a little snippet of my story and one of many hundreds and thousands of stories in the lives of battered women and sometimes men. The protagonist is me, the antagonist is my ex-husband, the father of my four now-adult children. The opening scene set more than a decade ago was how I came to find my strength through running which enabled me to continue to raise my children until such a time that the universe announced the final scene of the chapter, “Enough’s Enough”.

It was the gigantic fireball engulfing our home that suffocated all remaining hope and thoughts of hanging in there for the children or continuing down that destructive path....that one day he will learn and soon he will come good. Our house fire which ignited under heat radiating from his lies and betrayal ultimately led to his demise and our rising.

Leeza; Sex in the Suburbs; perpetual on line book of her clients DV stories. Her Ferrari f430 superimposed in front of a picture of her house fire from The Sydney Morning Herald.

The sad truth is that my family wasn’t alone; domestic violence is still on the rise more than a decade later, and not the decline we had hoped for, and despite our greatest community efforts we still continue to lose people every single day to this horrendous crime.

It’s shocking to confirm in my research that 1 in 6 women have experienced physical or sexual violence by a current or former partner, while for men it is 1 in 16. That 75% of victims of domestic violence reported the perpetrator as male, while 25% reported the perpetrator as female. Overall, 1 in 5 women and 1 in 20 men have experienced sexual violence. On average, one woman every nine days and one man every month is killed by a current or former partner.

What is really disturbing is that that doesn’t even account for the near misses like myself after dating a crazy man after my ex husband, or the victims left mentally, emotionally and physically scared in hospital or those with permanent handicapped injuries. There are also many faces of DV, emotional, verbal and financial, and most of the time it's the ones we least expect.

In 2021-22 domestic violence was the main reason why more than 72,900 people asked for help from specialist homelessness services. 39% (or 108,000) of people seeking help in Australia from specialist homelessness services in 2021-22 had experienced domestic and family violence.

If ever there was a time to create an empowering woman’s movement it was back in 2016, seven years ago, and 5 years after my house fire.

When I had settled my family after working all hours of day and night, to provide food and shelter, love and support, I came to realise that the medium of running had lost the potency I needed to fuel my mission further to help other women suffering and so I decided to shift gears, literally!

In 2016, my woman's motor bike group WHEELS & DOLLS was born.

WAD Patch

Wheels & Dolls evolved into a group of empathetical and brave women, some of prior domestic violence and some amazing women who just wanted to help others. WAD came together to focus on raising money and awareness of domestic violence through ride days and volunteering their professional services. Today the SMC has more than 120,000 followers on facebook who are keen to share in our travels and also help and assist us fundraise. Each Doll is trained in how to ride a motorcycle, and how to maintain and care for it. It’s a true sisterhood, and we not only ride together, but we support each other wholeheartedly.

Find WAD on Facebook and Instagram. WAD American Vice President; Rani

Here’s my latest video, which I created to enter the Miss Patriot Pinup Pageant in New South Wales, Australia….I won the Judges Choice. The pageant was created to raise awareness and funds for our war veterans and families.

To see the video, just mark the address above, and then click “Go To” …

Leeza with the WAD training motorcycle; Harley Davidson Street 500.

As wild women of the cosmos we believe in freedom of speech, expression, female empowerment, sisterly love, respect for nature, kindness to others, volunteering, mentoring, healthy lifestyle, morals, values, integrity, honesty and universal law. We also ride with our brothers from clubs such as the Veterans and the Knights to raise funds for our war veterans and their families, as well as the homeless.

Leeza WAD with National Presidents, Presidents, Sergeant at Arms, Members Veterans & Knights.

Being a Doll is a privilege and an honour. We aren't just a pretty motorcycle group searching for likes and attention. Our ethos is built firmly on rising above trauma and abuse, neglect or bullying. Our purpose is assisting and mentoring new members to find their way and encouraging women outside of the group to rise as well.

Wheels & Dolls Leeza & Member Kat.

Wheels & Dolls also raises money for victims of domestic violence through clothing recycling, sponsors and book sales. We’re dedicated to our mission to end the suffering of innocent women in an abusive relationship.

There is something extremely empowering about having a huge throbbing 2210 cc engine under your control and direction. It is this adrenaline and power that helps drive women out of domestic violence and into a brighter more secure and happier future. I had discovered the secret to modern day counseling, finding ones power and bravery, and self-esteem building tools for battered women that others had been seeking for decades. The old days and ways of sitting in the stark sterile counselling rooms of some psychologist or psychiatrist and pouring your heart out and then handing over money most victims can’t spare was not longer working, if in fact it ever did.

Leeza on her Triumph Daytona 675R sports bike.

These settings were no longer delivering the “aha” moment or epiphany, let alone the sisterly support, that women need in order to escape and move on. In fact most of the thousands of women I have helped have said that learning to ride a motorcycle has not only opened them up to discover their true capabilities, but it also awakened their spirits, hence the WAD patch logo states that every Doll is a 'Wild Child of the Cosmos'.

Leeza and her Feather Wild Child ink.

I should know! I was the original wild child and then later, I found myself mentoring so many women that the demand for help was no longer within my reach, and so I had to start writing guide books as well. Today myself and Doll members traverse the globe on our motorcycles spreading the word about self-love, self-respect and boundaries. We are all about empowering women and educating our youth. We speak at motorcycle events and shows, as well as appearances at hospitals and rallies.

There is nothing fake about making it when your intentions are honourable and performed for the highest good of humanity. Life really is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get. But, if you don’t like what you’re getting you can sure as hell spit it out and choose something more in keeping with your taste. You can run but you can’t hide from the truth about what constitutes domestic violence. The other truth is you CAN choose to learn to 'ride a beast instead of being beaten by one'.

I would like to dedicate my vocal challenge story; Word Hunt, with my chosen words; Motorcycle, Hell and Feather, to Monique Lezsak the 39 year old mother from Melbourne who was murdered on May 31st by her estranged boyfriend in a domestic violence attack. RIP beautiful soul.

Even more horrific was the fact that her ten year old daughter stepped in to help her mother and was hurt in the process. It has since been stated by the media that she is not fatally hurt, although the psychological damage will be huge. We all pray for her.

For books and counseling go to

If you or anyone you know is in danger please call 1800 737 732 for Australia. Help line - White Ribbon Australia

Life support; counseling 1300 735 030

Wheels & Dolls T-Shirt logo.

By Leeza Cooper


About the Creator

Leeza Cooper

Leeza Cooper, a devotee, artiste, creator of published literature & poetry; Studied Degree CU, founder/president of Wheels & Dolls SMC; raising funds for DV, lover of travel, nostalgia & anything vintage.

Ms Australia International 2023.

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  • L Fii11 months ago

    You paint a visceral image with your words and emotions, truly passion in art, and art in passion, Leeza!!!

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