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What Color Are Your Glasses Today?

by Denise Willis about a year ago in happiness

Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind

What Color Are Your Glasses Today?
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Patty watched as Sally skipped down the path, and patiently waited for her to get closer. When she did, Patty got up and began skipping next to her. Sally had thick curly hair so her face was not seen very well, and because Patty was curious about the day, she asked Sally what color glasses she was wearing. Sally slowed down and turned toward Patty with a big smile on her face. I am wearing rose colored glasses today, Patty, so take a big breath and smile! Then Sally went skipping along on her own way while Patty stood there and tried to figure out what Sally had meant.

Sometimes we forget how the workings of the human mind can affect our daily lives. I'm sure most of you have read articles on living in the now, positive affirmations, and asking the universe for what you want. Those are all functions of the conscious mind, however, and the subconscious mind is the one in charge of making decisions, even though the conscious mind is unaware of it.

It is said that all of us create our own reality, but we do so through our conscious mind, and no matter how many times we strive to make those rosy dreams come true, if the subconscious mind is determined to make something else happen, what the subconscious mind wants is what is going to happen. There are ways to reprogram the subconscious mind, however. One way is to repeat positive statements, post them around the house, and read them until they become a constant part of your thinking. Something else you can do is to try hypnosis. Although this isn't really thought of as a way to reprogram your thinking, it can be with certain seeds planted in the brain while under hypnosis. And finally, repeat your goals to yourself on a daily basis. Form positive habits that you repeat daily. All of these things are positive ways to reprogram the subconscious mind.

I am thinking about a few examples that might make the issue more clear. Let's say you are interested in finding a man who is honest, good- looking, and is a good listener. Instead, you find yourself saddled with a guy who is always busy watching sports, doesn't communicate, has put on a spare tire and is telling lies on a daily basis about where he's been and what he's been doing. How could this happen? Wasn't it firmly entrenched in your mind that you were looking for a certain man, and yet you married someone who didn't even come close to filling your needs. The subc0nscious mind may have other things in mind, such as repeating a childhood relationship that is still unresolved with a parent.

Another example would be related to careers perhaps. You want a white collar job, you dream about it, and you work hard in school to achieve a diploma that will land you that type of career. But, when the time comes to interview, you find you are doubting yourself, arriving late, saying all the wrong things. Maybe you got lucky and were offered the job anyhow. By now this has become such a high reaching goal that you could not stand to fail in any way, so you find others to blame, miss work for no reason, duck meetings, and sabotage yourself in general. Later, when either you have lost your job or have stayed but feel miserable and unsatisfied, you will begin to wonder why your dreams aren't the same as reality. Oh, but wait, the conscious mind creates your reality, so why has it created such a mess?

Perhaps the dream was the reality your conscious mind was creating, but, the subconscious was the train conductor and decided this wasn't the career of choice, so your entire reality was sabotaged. Had you spent some time reprogramming your subconscious mind, things could have turned out differently. That is a reason for taking the time and effort to make sure your conscious mind and subconscious mind are looking out the same window.

In the introduction, Patty was seen as needing to know what kind of day she would have. The way she did this was to see what color glasses her friend Sally, who owned many different colors of glasses, was wearing that day. She had heard the phrase, "wearing rose colored glasses", and it was meant to mean everything looked happy. Patty decided if Sally's glasses were a bright, happy color, her day would be pleasant, but if her glasses were dark colored, then her day would be filled with gloom. She was creating her reality based on someone else's choice. If her subconscious mind decided that she was going to be gloomy no matter what color glasses Sally wore, then Patty would find herself feeling low, no matter what Sally wore, At this point, Patty would have to reprogram her subconscious mind if she were to be able to feel happy again.


Denise Willis

I love art as much as writing, and when the world feels dark, I get out my paper and colored pencils and draw while listening to music. When my husband and I were going through a divorce, journaling is what got me through that..

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Denise Willis
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