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We can’t know everything and that’s okay.

Is knowledge of everything attainable?

By 'Vive AkughaPublished 3 years ago Updated 2 years ago 4 min read
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Let the stress of always knowing everything, go away. There is a reason education is continuous and endless. No matter the age or level of specialty, more things are happening and there are things from the past that we’re unaware of. We simply just can’t know everything. Trying to contain it all would be a vast amount of information that’s probably overwhelming too.

Therefore, the pressure seems unnecessary and personally instilled. There’s no real justification for putting yourself under this much stress. Education is a process and the world’s dynamic nature, as well as history, is ever-evolving. You should not feel bad about this and you shouldn’t reduce others for not knowing enough because people that may feel they’ve mastered certain areas, might not know all there is about it. I have various opinions about this.

  • Criticizing people for not knowing enough

There are many times I’ve seen and even criticized others for not knowing certain things. When ridiculed, it does nothing but diminishes that person’s abilities, emotions and the desire to learn more. If you believe some people don’t have enough information about something, putting them down would not make things better. This would be counter-productive, however, this effect could differ depending on how it’s done as well as the person it’s done to.

In some cases, chastisement can be seen as positive reinforcement to make others educate themselves. This is not encouraged but could be viewed in the same way as cautionary measures that encourage individuals to learn from an experience. The whole idea of cancel culture has been used to caution many people for not knowing enough as well as the people that know better but do otherwise. Although, the method of cancel culture can seem vicious and as a tactic to end most people while trying to scold them.

  • Others with insufficient and/or inaccurate knowledge often aren’t helped
  • Respectfully assisting confused or inadequately informed individuals should be promoted. Instead of leaving people as they are, you can encourage them through correction or information of places for better enlightenment. This way there won’t be a cycle of misinformation or inadequacies, especially if it could be fixed or helped by someone.

    However, it’s also not everyone’s job to do so. People can make their personal effort if they want to. Most times people don’t try to help others out because they feel certain things are common knowledge and several people make choices to disregard that. You should not be entirely oblivious to the state of the world around you. Some things can be noticed which could prompt research for better knowledge. Several notions or ideas could be grounded in different understandings that make it seem inaccurate to all as well.

    • Forcing yourself to know everything does no good most of the time

    These videos should depict the effects of people trying to understand things and not letting them go.

    Video Credit:- MrNickmo1

    Video Credit:-Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Trying to understand things by all means and until you do, can be harmful. It can also be understood because most times a closure on what you’re searching for is needed or you might feel like you’re close but not quite getting it yet. It can lead to a lot of frustration and anger, especially if you feel strongly about it. The pressure from this could go horribly wrong making you paranoid or possibly crazy from it. The answer may be found eventually but the possible mental instability in the process could be drastic. Some people might never get their answer which could be dreaded forever or accepted and let go. Neither is easy to do but the latter would be better in the long run.

    • Your view of education and knowledge can impact your personality

    Your understanding of how education and knowledge should be could influence how you gain yours. If you view it as a changeable process, you could be understanding to the fact that things differ or advance every day. Knowing this, you might be more relaxed with education as well as knowing that it’s a process that can’t be rushed. You might also be willing to accept or understand things that may not be easily proven.

    Although, If you feel there’s a direct answer and result for everything, then that’s how you’ll feel and behave. You would request a solution for everything in your life and feel that it exists which means it should be attained. Things not proven or justified to your understanding and logic seem strange.

    • How much are knowledge and education valued in your life?

    Do you care about the educational system? Does the idea of education and being knowledgeable interest you? Does it matter to you? Does it seem valuable to you or maybe to your job? Do you value it in your life? These questions analyze the position of education in your life.

    I’ve learned that you may not need everything you know but you might need your knowledge in everything. You need some form of education, training or enlightenment for everything, so how you value it matters. Various people reject the idea of education because of the portrayed school systems and the downsides they include. Being knowledgeable can be acquired from schools or consistent reading of various book types. Therefore, they can be separated into different things.

    • Accept that knowing everything could be unattainable

    Not everything can be answered and not every answer can be justified to everyone’s liking. You have to accept that not everything can be known or fully understood and let it go. You could be a lot more peaceful if you don’t stress yourself trying to get something even after various times trying.

    I recognize that this might be a requirement for some jobs as well as a personal mission for several individuals. You can try identifying when you feel like you’re losing it, then take a break and revisit whatever you’re doing. Hopefully, you feel better, then work harder to achieve success. If you get an answer that would be great and if you don’t, that’s okay too.


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