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Uncommon Knowledge, what's that?

by thewanderingseeker 10 months ago in happiness

The pursuit of Truth

Uncommon Knowledge, what's that?
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Uncommon knowledge, is it uncommon if one knows it?

How can one share uncommon knowledge if it is common to oneself?

This is a debacle. This is contradictory! How can one assume the stage another Is at with information and knowledge based only of what is common to their own thoughts?

Ah this is the problem with knowledge, it may seem uncommon depending on your age, location, social status, community, career environment and people you affiliate with. Yet someone else is digging into it as well...somewhere in the world. If it's in a book, if it's on the internet, you are getting second-hand information and second-hand information is definitely not uncommon.

This begs the question; well, what can I know that nobody else knows? What can I learn about what nobody else will understand? What is truly uncommon knowledge? The world pursues knowledge, the world chases it! Holds onto it! Lives for it!

Yet it holds no importance if everybody knows it...It becomes normal. Importance is the delusion of thinking that you are somewhere nobody else can get to or is at, yet the fact is the levels of success and knowledge are a collective achievement not something one person does. What one person experiences the whole world experiences it in a unique way. Look at celebrities, they experience fame and we experience their fame as well, they are not above us. We are all a part of the delusion of importance.

If a new discovery is made it can only be made due to relative information that is already common, then when the discovery is made its added to the library of the common. It is only uncommon until it is known and when it known it becomes normal. Natural, obvious.

So, to answer these questions is very simple, let's find out the only uncommon knowledge that remains uncommon, that cannot be touched by the common and will forever exist as the most important uncommon knowledge that will ever exist. The only knowledge that truly matters in one's life.

This uncommon knowledge is found in the question of; Who am I?

How do we approach this question, what is the answer?

Religions, philosophy, scientists, teachers, doctors. Within all these communities' society has tried to define who we are, me and you. How can they define you when you are only one who knows what's going on within you?

Seems like another debacle!

See humanity searches for knowledge about everything and everyone else yet leaves one question unanswered and it is the most important question because if one does not know who one is what is the point of being here? If one does not know the purpose of water and they are stranded in the desert they may die of thirst because of their lack of knowledge.

So, if you don’t know who you are how can you firstly help yourself and secondly how can you know what your true value is, what is radiating from the core of your body? How can see clearly on your path in life if you do not know your substance, what you are made for.

Water serves as the source of life, what do you serve as? Not a psychological level but you, your very existence. The nature of who you are.

Across the world this has been pursued, how can I serve myself or others. Humanity has gone to great lengths to do this, in an immense number of ways all resulting in different outcomes. Some say they have found the way; some say they are lost.

Does this mean that everyone has a different purpose? Yet we are all human beings. Water may come as a lake, river, ocean or rain yet it has the same properties and still serves the same purpose; to be a source of life so then why do some people know the way and others are lost? If one person figured it out, wouldn’t it apply to all humanity? Biologically we are not different, we all have the same aspects of reality.

This is very confusing if we really look at it, what is going on here? Well... that cannot be answered, it can only be found out. Otherwise, we are using common knowledge again and common knowledge obviously has not answered this question of; “Who am I?” for everyone. We need to find out what applies to everyone, not a system or idea, something practical and something that we have to do without having a choice in the matter.

How can we all attain such an important answer, something that every action of our lives revolves around and which is the most uncommon knowledge that can be known.

Something of such vital importance which only we will know and something that which will be the most valuable knowledge we come across. Knowledge that will change our very existence forever.

If humanity knows this answer we all have something in common and there will be grounds in which we can stand on and be in harmony. If we can all agree on one thing, the answer to this question; which we all find out anyway and will be forced to find out eventually, will something different happen will uncommon knowledge turn into an uncommon experience?

Can we do it now? Can we help each other with this question?

The question of:

“Who am I?”

The answer is not knowledge, it is wisdom.

Live your life and find out the answer, this is uncommon knowledge. This is the only uncommon knowledge that will ever be.




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