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Tips That Make You Study Faster

Build the structure first for better learning progress

By Greg RSPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Tips That Make You Study Faster
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How much time do you spend studying each day? If you fall into the majority of students who struggle to remember things once learned, it might be time to consider changing your study habits. As time passes, you forget more and more information.

You may feel like you’re spending too much time studying. But according to recent statistics, this isn’t necessarily true. In fact, studies show that most university students actually spend less time studying per week than they did 15 years ago. This means that the problem is likely not time management. Rather, the issue is memory retention.

If you don’t want to become a zombie, try these tips to improve your memory recall. They include both simple and complex techniques that can enhance your memory significantly so next time you can study more effectively and faster :

1. Focus on Memorizing Facts

Facts can also be remembered better than general knowledge. When learning something new, focus on facts rather than details or concepts. For example, say I want to learn French. Instead of learning vocabulary words, learn the names of France’s capital cities, Paris, Lyon & Marseille. Then when you speak the language, you’ll be able to recall specific details at a later date.

2. Study online

This method allows students to have access to a variety of materials without the need to go to the library. There are thousands of websites that offer free materials for educational purposes. Many universities around the world also make their resources available online. Some of these include MIT OpenCourseWare, Stanford University’s Online Classroom, and HarvardX.

3. Print out

Many instructors require printed copies of assignments, tests and other materials. However, this can eat into your printing budget if you do not use print only items (i.e. colored paper). To save money, try using recycled copy paper as well as colored inkjet printers instead of color laser printers.

4. Take notes

In today's world, it is hard to believe how many times we rely on our phones to take notes rather than actually writing them down. This habit should stop immediately if you want to achieve success in life. Writing things down helps us learn better; therefore, it is much easier for us to remember what was said or seen. You may want to consider purchasing a cheap spiral notebook from Staples or Walgreens.

5. Use technology

There are many apps that are designed to help students study faster, improve their memory, learn and keep track of grades and much more. There are web-based programs accessible from any device, including mobile phones.

6. Study with friends

Having a group studying together works well if there is some kind of reward system involved. A few weeks ago my friend received his book report back and he got a gold star for each paragraph he wrote!

7. Concrete Learning

Instead of trying to memorize information through abstract concepts, try using concrete learning methods instead. For example, rather than having flashcards, write down notes on the backs of real books or notes taken from a lecture. The more you're exposed to something, the easier it becomes to remember.

8. Sleep

Your brain needs sleep to function properly. Without enough rest, you won't retain what you've learned. Even though you might feel tired after class, stay away from caffeine and other stimulating substances. And even though you might want to stay awake until late at night, it's best to go to bed early and get at least eight hours of sleep each night.


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