Things I'm Passionate About Part 7

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Things I'm Passionate About Part 7
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Hello, and welcome to Part 7! This one kind of supplements some earlier ones. Enjoy!

1. Coming Up with YouTube Channel/Video Ideas

As I’ve said on here before, I love brainstorming. Whether it’s just for creativity or for entrepreneurship and business, I just love flexing my creative muscles and coming up with new things. As YouTube is such a huge part of my life in regards to entertainment and relaxation, along with during my exercise, it’s no wonder I’d want to give back to that community and maybe even make some side hustle money doing it. I have made lists of dozens of channel ideas, and video ideas for those channels, that I’d like to start doing someday. The trick of course is finding the time and resources to actually do those things and move them from the realm of “a dream someday” to “a plan for an imminent reality”. I’d be happy to help anyone brainstorm ideas for their channels if interested, feel free to @ me in my social media links. So, for writing about this I’ll be posting about my ideas for YouTube channels and shows I’d love to see and watch. Especially since I don’t have the time to make them all.

2. Dry Fasting and Intermittent Fasting

I’ll start this one by saying I’m in no way a medical practitioner of any type nor am I offering medical advice of any type at any time, and by reading this, you waive any rights to sue me for whatever you do to your body without medical supervision. That said, I do intermittent fasting, A LOT. It’s the most likely reason I reversed my diabetes test results. Intermittent Fasting, or IF, is the idea that you only consume food within a window of hours in the day. There are many types I’m sure you can Google, but I do 18-6; this means I fast for 18 hours, and then only eat within a 6-hour window following that. I eat from 1200-1800 (Noon, until 6pm). I learned more recently about a concept called “dry fasting” wherein you don’t consume any water or other liquids during your food fast. I opted to give it a try and my 18 hours of fasting became 18 hours of dry fasting and my results have been pretty great. For writing about this I think I’ll cover my daily challenges, and maybe use it as a food journal of sorts to help inspire people to maybe talk to their doctors about trying it or getting a handle on their health issues in other ways. Also, as per my other articles and interest in primal/caveman lifestyles, most people for the majority of history had to fast regularly due to the scarcity of food, so it was right up my alley in that regard as well.

3. Supplements

Like any health nut who’s passionate about exercise, I’ve become really into the science and use of supplementation. Right now, my current supplement stack is Policosanol, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Green Tea Extract, and Garlic. I got it from Tim Ferriss’s book The Four-Hour Body and it seems to be really effective so far. I’ve used in the past, along with Aspirin, Ephedrine, and Caffeine, which I would NOT recommend because of all the awful side effects that can come along with that. As with above, I’m not a doctor and I waive any responsibility for you. Talk to your own doctor about doing anything to your body. I’ve also experimented a lot in the past with Nootropics to enhance my cognition. In future I’d like to write about each supplement and how it has impacted me and/or is supposed to work and why.

Brent Salmon
Brent Salmon
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