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Things I'm Passionate About Part 14

by Brent Salmon 2 months ago in happiness

A Brent Salmon Memoir

Things I'm Passionate About Part 14
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Welcome to Part 14 of this series!

1. Restaurants

I love dating, going out, hanging out with my friends and family, and trying all kinds of new foods and drinks. I love going to restaurants, pubs, and bars and seeing how they make steaks, or other kinds of meat I enjoy. I like expanding my pallet and life’s experience on different kinds of culinary masterpieces. I love sharing these experiences with other people and doing what I can to help businesses I enjoy thrive in the free market. My plans for this are to begin going through different restaurants, franchises or not, and sampling their menus, as healthfully as I can or not, and being a total foodie loser snapping pictures and writing reviews of dishes, drinks, ambiance, cleanliness, service and more. I’m going to start with my small town on the west coast of Canada and expand outward as time and travelling allows me. It’s probably not the best time to start something like this with the lockdowns going on, but I think there’ll be more than enough to write about even just in my town for a good long time.

2. Science in General

I’ve always been a scientist, ever since I was a child reading whatever university textbooks I could get my hands on (I got a copy of Gray’s Anatomy from my grandma for my 8th birthday that I still have), going through science kits and chemistry sets like an addict, consuming tons of kid’s experiment books and keeping my little observation journals of my experiments and observations. In university I double majored in Biology (and did a Pre-Med concentration) and Psychology, and did minors for Kinesiology and Chemistry, but my love is deep for pretty much every field of science. I’m a giant science fanboy. I don’t like writing articles much about news as science, especially in the modern era, changes and advances so quickly, but I do have many fields and long standing facts that interest me and I’d love to share them. I may even break my loose guideline and share my takes on some news articles along with my speculations on where those news items could take us. I was one of the many people inspired to science by pop culture and I’ve never looked back. At 6 years old I told my parents I wanted to be an inventor after watching Back to the Future Part 2.

3. Fashion, for us Neanderthal, Hippie, Macho Types

Fashion is one of my weak points traditionally. I don’t care about it, and I value other people’s opinions of my appearance so little that I think that point is easily driven home. Having a teenage daughter however has started to pressure me into not being an embarrassment to her in front of her friends, teachers, the public at large, etc. As such I’ve resigned myself to start learning about it. I have an interesting body type; my inseam for my pants is 28 inches, like a short person, but I’m 6 feet 1 inches tall and my arm span is 6 feet 5 inches wide. I look like a gorilla, or caveman. That coupled with slowly winning my war with obesity, I still have a good-sized gut that makes finding shirts or properly fitting clothes EXCEEDINGLY difficult. So, I think writing about this will become more of a documentation of a learning journey than it is imparting any wisdom to anyone. At least, for now.

And thus, ends my writing ideas blueprint series! Thank you for following along if you have and keep your eyes open for more daily content!

Brent Salmon
Brent Salmon
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