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Them or Me?

by Angelica Stevenson about a year ago in self help
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To get more you sometimes gotta give more.

Image Credit: Angelica Stevenson

Chole's eyelashes fluttered as her envious green eyes beheld a new day. Chole returned the smile to the painted image above her. She knew people thought it was shallow of her to get an image of herself above her bed. Chole would rather have them think that than the truth.

A stirring of sadness shook her insides for a moment as her eyes lowered, but Chole jolted her face back up to her image before it went any further, and in no time, she felt settled again.

Chole pulled the covers back over her curvy body with toned firm abs that every woman in this plane wished existed on their bodies. She couldn't blame them. Chloe refused to imagine herself any other way.

Chloe loved how her positive thoughts just carried her through her routine as she found herself in front of her full-length mirror clean, dressed, and ready to go. Chloe winked at her reflection and blew herself a kiss before leaving her room to claim the rewards the day had in store.

Chole walked past her dresser to pick up her phone to text her limo driver, but she heard a knock on her door.

"Coming," Chole called out.

Chole opened her front door to see a man in a black suit and black sunglasses. Beside him was a woman in a white dress wearing white sunglasses. Chole slowly backed away, "Can I help you?"

"Yes," the man said, "We've come here to take you and your package to The Gray Area."

Chole felt her insides turn, "I'm sorry, I don't have a package. You must have the wrong door," Chole replied quickly before closing the door.

The door was blocked by the woman's hand as she pushed the door open wider and stepped inside. "Come now, Chole. I know you've been feeling off lately, right?"

Chole wanted to say no, but she couldn't, and shaking her head no in response was not an option. She refused to be dethroned by deceit.

The woman stepped up to Chole and took off her glasses, and she had the bluest eyes Chole had ever seen. Chole felt like if she'd gaze into them any longer, she would drown. "How did she get her eyes to be so blue?" Chole wondered.

A question so close to jealousy that Chole felt herself get dizzy, "Come with us, and you never have to feel that again," the woman said to Chole as she reached her arm out to grab her shoulder.

"No!" Chole cried out as she threw her arms up in the air.

"Should I call for help?"

The woman turned around to see a mail carrier at the door with a package in his hands, "Grab it!" She ordered the man in black.

The man in black turned around to grab the package, but the mail carrier stepped back, causing him to fall headfirst into the wall.

"Imbecile," the woman in white spat out, then turned to look at Chole one more time before leaving her condo quickly.

The man in black slowly rose from the ground to follow her.

Chole stood shocked at the events that just transpired.

"Are you okay?" the mail carrier inquired as he stepped into Chole's condo.

Chole nodded her head, "Yes, thank you. Is that for me?"

The mail carrier nodded his head as he handed his clipboard to Chole for a signature, "Are you sure you're okay? You're strangely calm after what just happened?"

Chole handed the clipboard back to the man, "Well, how should I be? Would you prefer me crying helplessly and begging you to stay to keep me safe and warm?" Chole replied sarcastically.

"Whatever I was just asking, here's your package," the man said as he slammed it on her kitchen counter before walking out.

Chole opened her mouth to apologize, but the mail carrier was already gone. She felt so different and didn't understand why. Chole walked to the counter and picked up the package, she shook it but heard nothing.

Chole opened the packaged envelope and pulled out a small black notebook that sent a shiver up her hand and through her body. Chole suddenly dropped the book and watched as a piece of paper slipped out once it hit the floor.

Chole bent down to pick up the paper while being cautious not to touch the notebook again.

"Chole, it's time to go. Brandon is waiting for you."

Chole jumped at the sound of her driver's voice at the door.

"I'm coming," said Chole as she stood up and followed her driver out.

Chole sat quietly in the back of her limo, with the mysterious paper in her hand, debating to read it or toss it. The choice of reading it won out, and she unfolded the paper.

"Dear Chole.

The changes you've been experiencing are due to your 21st birthday. That is when you get to enjoy all the benefits of being an adult.

You've been taken care of all your perfect life thus far, and now is the time to choose what's next for you.

Tomorrow, on your birthday, a $20,000 inheritance becomes available with two choices.

Choice 1. Keep it for yourself and continue to live the life that has gotten you this far.

Choice 2. Give the money away to begin living a new life of possibilities, feeling the emotions you try to bury, working through the thoughts you try to hide, being satisfied instead of settling, and most importantly, loving who you are.

You have until the end of the day to decide, and because of this, your day will reveal what your future will be.

Be warned. There is a group of people out there who want to capture you for themselves, to turn you, so that your money would be theirs along with the control of your life. If converted, The Gray Area will provide for you, but it comes with a price of loss of freedom and mind.

Before midnight tonight, write your choice in the small black notebook you received, and the universe will record your answer.

Your entry will either be.

I choose them, or, I choose me."

Chole looked up from the paper.

"Bad news Ms. Chole?" the driver asked as he looked back in his rearview mirror.

Chole shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know."

The driver smiled, "You're a wise young woman. You'll figure it out."

Chole was taken aback by the confident compliment, "Thank you, um, I'm sorry I don't know your name. What's your name?"

"Michael. Just consider me as your guardian angel, okay."

Chole smiled, "Okay."

The limo stopped in front of her boyfriend's house. As usual, Brandon got in and rolled up the back window before turning to Chole to kiss her.

"Brandon," Chole said in-between kisses.

"Shhh, Chole, no talking," Brandon said as he kissed her shoulder while bringing his hand to her neck and squeezed.

Chole moaned. That was her weak spot, and Brandon knew it as he rubbed her vagina, but she didn't want sex first this time. She wanted to talk.

"Brandon, no," Chole said as she pushed him off of her and sat up.

"We need to talk Brandon," Chole said again.

Brandon rolled his eyes as he sat back, "We aren't together to talk Chole. Remember? I look good, you look good, sex is good, end of story."

"I know Brandon, I, I, just wanted to talk first this time."

Brandon turned towards Chole and put his arm on the back of her seat, "Listen, Chole, I'm sure you have a lot to say I just don't want to hear it."

Chole's mouth slowly dropped open. For the first time, she felt stunned and relieved at his honesty. Chole rolled down the back window. "Stop the car Michael."

Michael obeyed, stopping the limo in the middle of the street.

"Good-bye, Brandon," Chole said.

Brandon snorted with disgust as he got out.

"See, a wise decision, where to next?" Michael.

"Take me to Caroline's please."

Five minutes later, Michael pulled up to Caroline's, the hottest event space in town.

"Thank you Michael."

"Enjoy. If you need me, just holla."

Chole laughed, "I will."

Chole got out and walked into Caroline's.

When inside, Chole saw her VIP table with her friends. Chole walked over and sat down.

"Hey guys, what's up?"

The four women at the table stopped talking to look at Chole, "You've got some nerve sitting here," said one of the women.

"Right, Brandon blasted what you did on his page," said another.

"I just wanted something different."

"Well, we don't do different," said the third woman before getting up to leave, and the others followed.

Chole watched her friends leave as tears burned her eyes, and she grabbed a napkin so that she wouldn't cry.

"It's okay to cry. Makeup can be reapplied," said Caroline as she sat down.

Chole smiled at Caroline's rhyme, "Thanks, my friends just left me."

"Some friends," replied Caroline.

"Why are you friends with me?" Chole asked.

"I didn't want to be at first. I thought you were just like them girls. Perfect with everything handed to you. Until I realized you were different."

"How?" Chole asked.

Caroline smiled, "That's for you to figure out. Listen to my mom. She'll help ya remember."

"I thought your mom was traveling," said Chole.

"She's speaking tonight. This fundraiser is helping her to hire a new associate before she gets back on the road tomorrow. Listen." Caroline said as she pointed at the stage.

Chole turned to the stage and watched Caroline's mom, Una, walk out. Chole felt blinded by the light that shined from her. It was beautiful, intimidating, and inviting at the same time.

"You are perfectly different. Everything you want and need is available to you. All you have to do is reach out and claim it."

Chole gasped out loud as the words struck her heart and pierced her mind like a sword.

Caroline's mom looked at Chole and smiled, she opened her mouth to speak, but she was interrupted by gunfire. Chole dropped to the floor as bullets flew into the building.

Chole looked behind her to find Caroline but instead saw a man in black running up to her. Caroline tried to get away, but the man grabbed her ankles.


Suddenly the man in black was thrown back, and Michael appeared in front of her with golden wings stretching wide across the building's interior, shielding everyone from the bullets.

Michael looked at Chole, "Come, now."

Chole stood up and ran into Michael's arms.

Chole watched as Michael detached from his golden wings to reveal silver ones for their takeoff.

Michael flew promptly to Chole's home, "Have you made your decision?"

Chole nodded her head, "Yes."

"Good, hang on," Michael said.

"Wait, what?" Chole replied.

"You'll be okay," Michael said as he threw Chole through the front of her building into her condo.

Chole landed safely by the notebook. She picked it up, this time pushing through the shiver of energy that ran through her. She opened it up to the first page, where a feathered pen waited for her. Chole grabbed the pen and rapidly wrote her decision.

As soon as Chole dotted the period, exhaustion came over her, and she collapsed to the floor.

Chole slowly opened her eyes and looked up. The first thing she saw was her beautiful scarred reflection in the mirror above her.

Chole felt doubt, scared, and unsure about herself, but instead of looking away from her expressions, she smiled. For the first time, she felt love and happiness about herself that caused satisfaction instead of settlement.

When Chole got out of her bed, she went to her dresser and picked up her phone. There was a thank you message and an all-expenses-paid invitation to travel the world.

Beside Chole's phone was her small black book, opened to the first page with her entry.

I choose me.

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