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The Walk of the Wretched Paved Correctly

by Alex Rivas 11 months ago in self help

BY: Alexander Rivas aka the Wolf Of Readers

For the longest I was reading, I would stop and think to myself. How amazing it would be to speak with some of the authors face to face to pick there brain and how they would perceive other facts in life. One day as I was hearing some quotes from great philosophers and i feel Socrates said it the best " employ your time by improving yourself by other mans writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for". As i was reading " The Tao of Wu" by: RZA it hit me. I was talking to the authors because throughout the book i find myself stopping and asking myself questions about the book and what i just read, looking for references and putting 2 and 2 together. i then thought they are speaking to me through this book on a whole different type of communication level which only a few can tap into.

These great men and woman are excitingly attempting to help the world by learning more knowledge to help them grow and they are also teaching others during there walk. As RZA said "I am an Abbot but also a Student".

Which to me that stuck because for the last few weeks I have been reading and posting reviews on social media to help people learn and to help them with that little push to open or go buy a book. This is when I became the Wolf of Readers and I changed my whole structure to fit the name and now this is my dominate alter ego. A Man seeking knowledge and wisdom to improve his life and future also earnestly seeking to help enlighten others in there walk so they may gain a fighting chance not to be sheep anymore. We have to make the Mind, Body, and Soul one, for it to be like water or the Trinity. I began telling myself out loud "I do not read to escape my Reality i read to create my Reality"-Alex Rivas. I was proud that I came up with that all by myself since i never really a reader.

To be One we have to understand truth inside humility and embrace the love that follows. I figured out for myself to tap into this love -its realizing we have the 2 greatest gifts on this whole planet. The First is FREE WILL -to do what we want, where we want to do it, how we will perceive it and why we want to accomplish it. Once I wrote these down I knew I had to take the time to figure it out. It did not take long for me to understand my meaning in life and what I wanted to do. I have always been the type of person who never judged others for what they did but more of there character and who they really were on the inside. This helped me make the decision on focusing on myself so I can eventually help others to be on the same path if they chose to. So before I complete that part of my choice I had to let go of everything. I was no longer going to judge anything about anyone no matter what they did or how they acted. The only thing I could change is ME, MYSELF, and I. So I forgave myself for consciously and unconsciously judging others and let go of all hate/sadness I have built over the years. This feeling of letting go felt amazing to me. The Second gift given to us is Life itself. Should I go deeper into that or do you get the point. So just to sum up the second gift - The only way to live is to accept death as a certainty and to live life as a gift with no regret. This is a lot harder then it seems but the rewards it brings is an unmatchable feeling most can never fathom.

When I was fired from my job in early October I knew at that time I did not want to work for any man/woman any more. It was like no matter how hard I worked for others it seemed to be never enough and that following morning I knew I could no longer bare that feeling of being unappreciated. I thought to myself " I work and bust my ass for others so I could get fired for bullshit reasons, FUCK THAT". I felt if I work for myself like i do for a company i didn't have anything to worry about So i buckled down and started to read every book i got my hands on about being an Entrepreneur and living financially free. Where i come from in the Southeast part of Houston, Texas that type of knowledge and wisdom was never taught, especially being from a family of immigrants who all they knew is work work work. I was always told to get a job, go to school ,buy a house and start a family. Which for me seemed like the ideal life up until about 5 weeks ago when I knew deep down that was not for me. "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by: Robert Kiyosaki is what really help me make my conscious decision. I knew for fact I didn't want more debt then I already had , I knew for fact I wanted to spend 40hrs with my kids instead of some bullshit company that would replace me in a heart beat. Book after book the spirit of the greats were instilling there words in me building a fire I never knew I had, shit we all got it we just have to want it so much we would die chasing it. There was no other option for me.

At this point its November I'm dead broke no money no nada. The beautiful thing was, I did not care because I knew what I wanted was a process that I was willing to sacrifice eating to make happen. This is the time I opened up my following book called "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. This book talked about the "Law of Attraction" what we think comes to life no matter negative or positive. I was Instantly HOOKED like when I was 7 years old when I started to smoking weed. I spent the whole day reading till about 2 am, I couldn't stop. I want to say about half way through the book something came to my mind. I wanted to use a playing card for a book mark I wanted any one of the 4 Aces. I then Sat my book down got up and went to look for my deck of playing cards. This is what tripped me out and reassured me on everything I had read so far. I opened the box and I pulled out the first card, not the deck but I was willing to scan through it till I found it. It just so happened the first card I pulled was the Ace of Clubs. I was dumbfounded there was no way that could of been the first card out of all of them. Then I begin to realize that I wanted that card so bad I stopped reading to go get my deck and BAM. This might not seem like much to others who never read "the Secret" but to me it was everything. This showed me that I can manifest anything if I wanted it badly enough. Its the small wins like that- that help build a strong foundation for the larger picture in hand. I knew I was on to something bigger and better then I could ever imagine. After I was done with the book I did everything it told me to do. I have papers tacked all over my walls speaking different things I want and I currently have. Giving thanks to everything and especially my failures because with out my losses, I would have never been in this situation. I thanked the universe for them and thanked him for opening my eyes and making me a stronger human being.

A few days later after finishing the book I decided to get some food at Chick-Fel-A and this is where it got super intense and deeper in the book that I had already finished. This is when I met a homeless man named Jamal.

As I was walking across a street I noticed and man holding a sign saying "HELP". I had seem him before but never paid no mind but this time I decided to help out. I had about 8 bucks in my pocket and I gave him a dollar feeling good about myself. With the biggest smile on his face he said thank you and repeated a few times that I was going to bless me for that. I kindly said thank you and walked off to stand in line for my food since I had to order it through the app. Stupidass Covid. As I was waiting in line to receive my food I happened to take my eyes off my phone and looked at the gentleman again. He had the sign in his left hand and with his right had he was making the gesture that he was hungry. I thought to myself WTF is a punk ass dollar going to do, he cant even get a bar of candy with it, let alone a burger. So after I received my food I walked back to him and handed him a five and said to get himself a meal. His eyes lit up and again he was thanking me but even more then before. So seeing how generous and humble he was I began to speak with him more getting to know him a bit. It was the right thing for me to do I felt.

He began to tell me a little about his life and what he went and was going through. Earlier that week he said it was cold and he needed to warm up so he found some pants in the dumpster but they smelled like piss. He had but no choice to put them on because it was an extra layer for him. In my head I was like man that must be shitty. But for some reason of course he wasn't trippin. He had a smirk on his face then said "the smell went away after the first day so it became easy for me not to care". Right as he was about to continue talking I stopped him and said follow me. It was only a 2 minute walk back to my apartments and he asked about me and what I was going through. As I was telling him about my problems they began to get smaller and smaller and smaller to the point I wasn't venting it was like I was complaining. The thing is Jamal had solutions for every problem that I had speaking about the "law of Attraction" this is when it hit me again. Was this a Divine meeting to let me know the path I was on was the correct one. I couldn't help but keep thinking that as he was talking trying to help me. We then got to my apartments and I had asked him to wait outside. I get into my place only thinking to give him some jeans I no longer wore but then it hit me again. This man needs more then jeans. So I decided to get one of my duffle bags and I gave him 2 under wears, 2 socks, 3 shirts including a long sleeve to stay warm and some good pants. I had enough already and I knew he needed it way more then I did. I then remembered I had some beer in my fridge so I slap a bottle in the bag for him to relax and sip after trying out his new clothes. When I came back down stairs I handed him the bag he looked at me with a face of confusion but with happiness. He begins to cry and started to pour out thanking me, it was like rain hitting my body I felt his tears, pain and love all in one. It made me get all mushy. He started to go off on me but not in a bad way he was telling me to be grateful for everything. My running water, heater, bed, eyes ,nose, the ability to walk and talk and most importantly being grateful to give to someone else. We are taught that our whole lives but for some reason the only thing I was thinking about was the book "the Secret". It had a whole chapter on being grateful and why we should be. Once we understand what it really means it will bring us closer to the main goal, to achieve wealth that money could never ever buy. Was this fate, was this random or is this what the "Law of Attraction" really meant. Then those beautiful words came out his mouth like I have never heard them before. He said "Alex, you will reap what you sow, what what you put out in this world you will attract it back to you 10 fold. I begin to cry cause I knew that was bigger then fate, I knew it was the book in human form. My heart felt warm but happy ,weak but POWERFUL. I wiped my tears off my face and told him" Truth is Jamal this is what we both needed, it was the right time the right place for us to meet and I am grateful that I stopped to talk to you". He gave me a big ass hug and said till next time little brother and walked off. I came back up stairs and before I could eat my food I began to give thanks like no other pouring my heart out to the world. Accepting what I have and did not have while speaking more life and abundance to Jamal and myself.

I could not get it out my head, that his son was shot and killed in 2019 and his mom and grandpa died in 2018. I did not want to go into detail when he was saying that to me but I felt that was what drove him to do whatever he did to be in his situation. Ill tell you what I felt bad when he was saying it but how he said it was the amazing part. It did not come out with sorrow but with STRENGTH. I did not see a broken man, I SAW AND FELT THE TRUE POWER OF BLISS.

For days I would walk to the gym trying to see if he was in the same spot so I could ask him how he liked the clothes, and nothing.

On November 22, 2020 was walking to the gym around 8 am and he was standing in the same spot. Loud and Obnoxious I screamed "YOOOO JAMAL MY BROTHER" and I ran to him to get across the street because it was a busy street. He automatically asked how I been and I told him I'm waiting on this mentorship program to go through, I wouldn't get paid much but me learning to run a business is more valuable then getting a large check. He said "Awesome Alex" guess what. He said "I just got a job myself and I'm waiting for everything to fall in place so he can start working" I had a huge smile on my face and was like "that's dope". He then replied "If I get my job first and you need help I got your back bro". This is a man with nothing but the clothes on his back offering me things he needs so much more then I do. I then gave him the same amount of love thanking him for even thinking that way. We both planted seeds in each other but I felt he not only planted a seed in me but watered it at the same time. It was Amazing. A man who was beaten, broken and alone had more wealth then anyone I had ever met in my life. I then began to walk to the gym thinking about what he said to me.

I had an amazing workout and was walking back when I seen him again across the street and I told him was sup. He said out loud "I'm Hungry Alex" I told him to give me a sec I'm going to cook some chicken and that I was going to bring him some.

Once I got done I made 2 plates and decided I was going to sit with him and eat. I came out and walked to him and handed him the plate and sat down. He told me thank you and he was hoping I came sooner cause a random person bought him 2 sandwich's and he was saving one for me. I told him no worries and to keep the other sandwich. Just that simple act of kindness made me mushy again. So he prayed for the food and we began to eat. He started to tell me about the night before and how he left food out and when he woke up the food he had left was covered in ants. I quickly said "dam bro that sucks I'm sorry" he looked and me with a confused face and said "what do you mean ants have to eat too" and again he planted more seeds and watered it even more. I didn't understand at first then he said "why would I be mad at ants for eating, that's what we all do and need". In the book "The Tao of Wu" RZA stated " Be open to the echo's of wisdom-Its truth will reveal itself in time". This is when I knew he was a echo of the world, the echo to the books I read, an echo of all the great philosophers I wish to be like one day. It seems from the exterior this man had nothing but in his MIND,BODY, AND SOUL he had it all.

How we perceive life will come to pass negative or positive it does not matter. We need both to grow but there is only one route to damnation. So you pick and choose what you want in life , I know I made my choice.

I am far from obtaining anything I want but I know for FACT what I want and what comes with. Time and Patience. Its up to us to use our time wisely so we can build the proper foundation.

The last thing I want to leave you with is what Jamal told me at the end of our meal together. " THE BRAIN THAT STARTED THE PROBLEM CAN NOT BE THE SAME BRAIN TO FIX THE PROBLEM". this man was spitting real gems to me.

I hope you all enjoyed this short read, from my experience reading and things coming to pass through the divine power of the "Law of Attraction" with gratitude.

I ask for you all to not judge a man by what he is wearing or how he acts. The only way to see people is through yourself. The minute you think you know something that's the minute you lost. Keep focus on learning always be a student and teach others the simple way. Learn to discern before you speak and act it will change your life forever.

*If you like what I wrote go follow me on IG @wolofreaders for all my reviews on the beautiful books I have been reading. PEACE IN THE BEGINNING MEANS PEACE AT THE END.

Thank you

Alexander Rivas

Wolf Of Readers

self help

Alex Rivas

Hello my name is Alexander Rivas i am a veteran from Houston, Tx. I started to write because i feel like this is laying down a powerful foundation for me and my future self. I hope yall enjoy these small reads.

Thank you and Read on

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Alex Rivas
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