The UNBEATABLE Guide to Success

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How to Stop Being Afraid of Success

The UNBEATABLE Guide to Success

1. Create a pros and cons list.

This is my absolute favorite way to make big decisions, honestly. Be completely real when doing it. Don’t just make a bunch of pointless bullets on one side. The more real the more accurate, the more accurate the closer you are to really knowing whether it’s all worth it. Really dig deep.

2. Friends and Family really can have some of the BEST advice.

No, I’m not talking about the coddling big sister or drunk aunt, or uncle that’s always gambling. Go to the most real people you’ve got. That have always had your back and loved you unconditionally. So you can get genuine, real advice on what they think the best move for you is.

3. Take some time to figure out how you feel.

So you’ve researched, you’ve asked for advice. Now it’s time to sit down and really feel it out. If you’re scared, why? Confront your feels. Now that you’ve done that, let me tell you something. You are going to be as great as you want to be. If you put as much energy and time into thinking of the positive what-if’s, as you do thinking about the negative what-if’s, you would be amazed by the things that just fall into place for you, seriously! The world works in crazy ways. Focus on the positives. Manifest your success.


Whether it be applying for a new job, switching your major, or putting an application on your first (or new) place. You will never know until you try. What is the worst that could happen?

5. Follow up.

Don’t wait for them to call. Put your big girl pants on and hit them up, girl. Give them a voice to the name. Let them know how excited you are to start this journey, and why you want to start the said journey. Be upbeat and bubbly. Make them feel like they need to be the ones to help you take the first step.

6. Remember that pros and cons list?

Go grab that thing and rip the half with con's and throw it in the damn trash. We don’t need that anymore. We did it. We are on our way to living our best lives. We don’t need anything holding us back. Do me a favor, fold that half with the pros on it and put it in your purse or bookbag, wherever you will see it every single day as a reminder of what is about to come.

7. Set a countdown on your phone.

Anticipation can be the best thing for big decision making. When I set a count down it is for something I’m looking forward to. So there is always a feeling of excitement behind each day. We are getting closer to taking a huge step to making our dream come true!

8. The pit of your stomach.

This is the hardest part. Every now and then your stomach will twist or your heart will drop because you’re nervous about what could happen. What if it doesn’t work out? What if it doesn’t fall into place the way it’s supposed to? What if it’s harder than expected? GIRL STOP. This is exactly what I told you to save that paper for. Remind yourself what you’re doing this for.

9. Make a list of eeeeeeverything you want to accomplish while you’re on your journey.

Everything you want to see, do, people you want to meet. Maybe you’ll get a dog! Or a cat! Maybe you’ll learn a new language or discover exactly what it is you want to do with your life.


The time has come, the day is finally here. DO NOT look back. Don’t think about what could happen if you don’t take this leap. BECAUSE YOU’RE DOING IT. I don’t care if you need to call your friends up and have them do whatever need be in order for you to have no choice. You have worked so hard to get here. You have done everything you can to push yourself this far. It can’t be for nothing. JUST DO IT!

Ladies, I am so tired of seeing us not living up to our full potential because we are so terrified it’s not the right move. LET'S FACE IT, our entire lives we’ve been winging it. It just doesn’t exactly feel like it because we’ve been in school, or working too much to pay attention to it. It’s time to set a plan and make it happen. Success can happen. It’s never something to be afraid of. The only thing that is holding you back… is YOU.

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