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The Technology That Makes You More Productive

How Technology is Creating More Productive Workforces

By Lewis HumphriesPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Technology is key to driving productivity in the digital age

It’s interesting to note that annual labour productivity growth has dipped since the great financial crash of 2008, with this trend prevalent both in the UK and across the globe. After all, this decline has coincided with significant technological advancement, which has spawned a number of organisational and time management tools.

On the micro level, however, there’s no doubt that the rapid and exponential pace of technological advancement is aiding productivity, with this manifesting itself in a number of different ways and means while directly benefitting small and medium sizes businesses (SMEs).

But what are the core technologies that actively aid productivity, and how do they benefit users? Here are some examples to keep in mind:

The Automation and Synchronization of Workflows

As a business owner in 2023, you can scarcely move for workflow and list-making apps. Many of these are based on the so-called “Kanban” framework, with agile and real-time tools like Trello offering a relevant case in point.

These accessible and easy-to-use platforms are ideal for streamlining complex workflows and sharing these in real-time, allowing for seamless project management across numerous departments and real-time communication between stakeholders.

In some cases, such platforms even have features to aid the completion of repetitive or time-consuming administrative tasks, so they have the potential to save time as well and enabling you to work more efficiently. This type of feature will become increasingly prevalent in the age of AI too, so it's something to look out for as the technology continues to evolve.

Importantly, these inherently secure apps also allow for the safe transfer and sharing of files, without making these too difficult to access or creating a scenario where stakeholders may lose visibility during projects. This is especially crucial for firms that employ a large number of remote workers or may operate in different time zones.

Enabling More Strategic Planning and Time Management

If you’re going to optimise productivity and scale potential time-saving measures throughout your business, it’s important to identify calendar and scheduling applications and make these available company wide.

Even when using basic tools of this type like Google Calendar, you can create an overview of your schedule and integrate this with virtually any third-party productivity app. What’s more, these tools can be accessed in real-time and through any Internet-enabled device, while they allow for reminders and notifications to be sent live to users.

Interestingly, you can also access dedicated time tracking and management tools like ‘Time Doctor’.

These can be used individually or to monitor the progress and workload of remote employees, creating far greater transparency for all parties involved in the process. It can also highlight potential scheduling issues or conflicts ahead of time, allowing for more proactive project management throughout your venture.

Simplifying the Setting and Meeting of Goals

Technology can also help with the setting and management of goals

While virtually everyone who achieves academic and commercial success will have started out with a clear vision and burning ambition, it’s interesting that a much smaller number of people actually accomplish such broad and complex objectives.

The truth is that there remains a significant difference between ambition and drive, while truly successful and productive people are able to set actionable goals and attain these within a predetermined timeframe.

In the digital age, you can also use various technologies to both create and achieve your goals, from aforementioned workflow and list-making apps to common smartphone features like reminders. Smartphones also allow for comprehensive list making, while dedicated tracing apps like ‘Strides’ enable you to stay focused on your goals and use visual aids to help with accomplishment.

Such aids can make a big difference when setting and achieving goals, each of which contributes to the successful running of your business. They can also help with personal attainment and development, which are key when looking to grow a thriving business!


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