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The Process of Self Discovery

by Laura Tran about a year ago in self help

How can you determine your path if you don't know your purpose and your passions?

The Process of Self Discovery

What does it mean to complete self discovery?

Wikipedia states: the term “journey of self discovery” refers to a travel, or series of events whereby a person attempts to determine how they feel about spiritual issues and priorities.

Just a month ago I viewed the world from a different shade. I was a workaholic, spending 10-12 hours a day in the office, and then about every other hour out of the office worrying about work. I felt stressed out, exhausted, and even overwhelmed some days with life in general. I sacrificed time with my family and friends. I gave up healthy habits. I wasn't practicing good self-care. My job had become my life, and it was sucking me dry. I was a workaholic. It was a vicious cycle.

And it was a cycle I had been in before. I needed to change my life and myself. I needed to go from workaholic to recovering workaholic... or it was going to kill me.

When I was laid off several years ago, I discovered wellness. I learned how good it felt. It was a revelation for me, a release from an imprisonment I had put myself in many years ago.

And then I did it again. I took another corporate job, which I really enjoyed and I felt passionate about. But it led to burn out. I won't speak bad about my co-workers or my managers or my company. I loved my team, and I loved my manager. But it was still the corporate world. And in Corporate America, the expectation is that you become a robot. You work pretty much 24/7, and you make miracles happen. *What I'm referring to as miracles are those all-nighters you pull to make a crazy deadline.

So I quit my job.

The opportunities are endless for me now. I have the chance to make a career change, a spiritual change, and to change myself.

I'm working on a big life redesign. I'm purging clutter, and building my dreams into realities (or alternatively referred to as my empire).

It's a scary change, but it's my change, my purpose. This was my discovery.

Everyone’s journey of self-discovery will be different, just as we are each individual and unique. I whole-heartedly believe that self discovery, and self reflection components we need to complete in order to truly find happiness and discover our purposeful path.

This a constant process, the world will always be throwing us twists and turns, but if we can really get in touch with ourselves, then we can lead an open and fulfilling life no matter what comes at us. And learn from each experience.

The self-discovery process is on-going. At any time in your life, you can decide how deep you want to go. The most important thing is to start with the basics.

Here are some questions to get you started down that road:

  • Who are you? What traits, characteristics, and quirks make you unique. How do you identify from others?
  • What do you need right now? Are you struggling financially, spiritually? Do you have a lack of passion for your life? What is missing in your life that you need?
  • What challenges are you facing right now? What lessons can be drawn from these experiences?
  • How do you want to feel in your life? What feelings do you feel are low in your life right now?
  • What are your special gifts, and how can you share them with the world?
  • What would make the moments in your life more enjoyable?

Self-discovery is part study, part exploration, and a lot of experience. It will combine research and reflection.

If you continue to do this, you will discover how and what you need to do in order to really love your life.

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Laura Tran
Laura Tran
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