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The Package

by Mack 10 days ago in happiness
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What is it?

I start my day the same way I would any other day, jump out of bed, throw on some slippers, and quietly make my way down to the kitchen to make my love and I some coffee. Mornings are my favorite part of the day, as it is the only time of the week my husband and I get to spend together. Our schedules are at constant battle with each other, I am a psych nurse, and he is a police officer. As you can imagine these are both very demanding jobs, we take whatever quality time we can get. Recently, I've been on edge, I've failed to tell my husband what has happened recently at work because of confidentiality, plus, he is a police officer, I don't want him freaking out and taking drastic measures over something that wasn't even that big of a deal.

We live in Denver, Colorado, one of the most beautiful states. We are currently living in an apartment building just minutes away from both of our jobs, with our cat, Milo. An apartment building isn't exactly what I envisioned in my future, but with current housing prices it is all we can afford. Things have been complicated at home, my husband and I are finding it hard with work schedules and not being able to find the quality time we need with each other. Of course, we have weekends, but we are both so tired from the packed week we just had that all we want to do is sleep. Things have been hard, but I love my job and wouldn't trade it for the world.

As I am heading to work, I get this feeling that something is going to happen today, I am not sure what. I take the city bus because my husband uses his car for work, I don't really see the need to have my own car, I appreciate the small talks I get to have with strangers on my way to work every day. After the bus finally reaches my stop, I hop off and freeze mid-walk, there is that feeling again, my hands are tingly, my jaw feels tight, and my knees feel locked as if I cannot move. What does this mean?

I brush off the thoughts of something going completely wrong today and I make my way into the building, once I reach the psych floor, I am told by a coworker that Mabel had escaped last night and is nowhere to be found. Remember when I told you I was feeling on edge about something that had happened at work? Mabel has been under my care the past month, recently I felt that we were making good progress, that was until Mabel threatened my husband and I. My heart dropped, my knees fell to the floor, and I let out the most hysterical cry for help. She's gone? Is she going to hurt me or my husband? Does she know where I live? What am I going to do? Questions soared over me like tidal waves, I was worried for our safety.

I rush home as fast as I can, there was no time to wait for the bus, I began running. I don't remember anything on that run home, I just know I could feel my heartbeat in my throat. Once I made it inside of the apartment building, I notice my door is still locked, I let out a sigh of relief. I take a quick glance around my shoulder, unlock the door and close it with the deadbolt as fast as possible. I slide down the door and begin crying, I don't understand how this could happen.

I had a 20-minute cry with my back against the door and finally look up, I see a balloon on my balcony. Why the hell is there a balloon floating on my balcony?! I slowly lift myself off of the ground and creep towards the sliding doors leading outside. There is a box... with my name on it. I immediately grab milo, run outside of the building, and phone my husband, for all I know this could be a bomb!

I hear sirens wailing in the distance, getting louder by the second. My husband rushes to me and gives me the tightest hug, in that split second, I felt safe, like nothing around me could do me harm. We make our way back up to our apartment, he opens the door to the balcony and sees a note left on the top of the box. "Dear Mack,".

"Dear Mack, I want to thank you for all of the help you've given me over the last month. I know I was a pain in your ass and I apologize for the threats I've made to you and your family. I could not stay in the hospital any longer, the food is too bland, I was going crazy just being there! It is better off this way. Love, Mabel".

What the hell does that mean?

My husband glances at me, the look of disappointment, disappointment in the fact that I didn't tell him or anyone else that Mabel had threatened my family. I didn't tell anyone because deep down I knew she wouldn't hurt anyone. She was hurting herself and used words to try and make herself feel better. I give my husband a little eye roll and we began to unravel the box.

My eyes widen, mouth dropped to the floor. Mabel had left us $1.2 million dollars.


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