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The Myth of Perfection

by Amra Beganovich 6 months ago in success
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Does Perfection Actually Exist?

People often say that something is perfect. However, no one can truly claim to be perfect. This term has been loosely used for so many years and it's time we stopped calling others 'perfect'. It does not mean you cannot strive for excellence, but there will always be things about yourself that need work. Let live those who are striving for the best in themselves.

When people say that something is perfect, they really mean it's flawless without any faults. In reality, everything has faults and no one is perfect. This myth of perfection just makes people feel bad about their body or how much money they have. It affects our self-esteem because we are constantly being told to look perfect. Everyone is created differently, but when society tries to present an image of what's 'perfect', people compare themselves to it and become unhappy with their body and life.

Our value lies in our view of ourselves and knowing that sometimes we can’t play Superman in the real world, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of in any case. We have to prioritize ourselves or else we could face mental burnout.

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So what can be done?

When we endlessly chase perfection, we’re letting all of the best experiences pass us by. To ignore the great opportunities flying by is doing a disservice to only one person - ourselves. We are the ones holding ourselves to unattainable standards, rarely is it the people around us, as we strive for something that doesn't exist: a perfect life.

Even though we cannot be perfect, we can always try our best at everything we do and gradually become better every day. We should not put ourselves down for imperfections, but instead work to gain the positive attributes that will lead us to success. Being perfect is very hard because nothing in life is perfect. A little bit of stress and pressure can build up over time and cause you to explode on someone. Not everyone gets along with everyone else, so don't expect perfection from yourself or others.

Being good at something is not the same as being perfect. You don't have to be perfect at everything you do. The concept of perfection only makes you feel bad when you know there are things that need improvement. It brings stress into your life and can even hurt other people's feelings because they feel like they are not good enough for you or society . Do not forget that everyone is human and there will always be faults.

The term 'perfect' was first used in 14th century as a philosophical term. People said, "things were perfect when they came together to form one complete entity." As time went on, this word evolved to become more imperative and started appearing in literature.

In this day and age, perfection is considered an unattainable state of being where everything is flawless. In some ways, the more we try to achieve the perfect look or lifestyle, it turns out to be more damaging than ever before. It has gone from a philosophical term to a popular term people use on social media and in day to day life.

People should not strive for perfection because it is almost impossible to accomplish. Even if you look perfect, there will still be something about yourself that needs improvement. People often compare their lives and bodies with others, but the comparison only makes them unhappy. It brings stress into people's lives and can hurt others at times. We should learn to accept ourselves for who we are and not compare ourselves with others.

While we may not find perfection in the life we lead, we can find happiness despite it, or, perhaps, because of it.

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