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The Misconception of Motivation

Igniting the inner light

By The Breatharian BloggerPublished about a year ago 3 min read
The Misconception of Motivation
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What is motivation? Most, if not all, of us want more motivation in life. In fact, we look for it every day.

We say things like “I need motivation” or “how can I get motivation?”

If we don’t say it, it is normal to hear someone else say it. Either way, it is very normal to say that when we are feeling a lack of love and inertia.

They say that the absence of motivation can lead to mental illness and depression.

So, it sounds like, whatever motivation is, it resides within us. It is an energy force that is intrinsic.

Why then do you look for it? As if it was a motive on the outside that you have to chase?

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We constantly consume motivational videos, and read quotes to uplift ourselves in hope of somehow finding motivation.

Each time we seek “motivation” or say “I need motivation” we are feeling the lack of something deep inside. Our inner child is yearning for attention.

That energy force of love is within you, but you need to be aware of it in order to know how to use it.

When you say, “I need something to motivate me to do this and that” do you really know what you’re doing or saying?

What makes you think you need anything outside of yourself to activate that inner force of yours?

Instead of always looking for the lost flame that we need, what if we learned how to create that flame within?

Could we not then use it by becoming more aware of it? By cultivating it deeply on the inside?

You have an endless reservoir whenever you need to feel pushed forward to create whatever you desire.

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Looking for motivation to push you forward is like looking for the switch to your living room on the outside of the house or in someone else's house.

Everyone looks for motivation on a daily basis, but what exactly is motivation?

Is it a thing or is it energy? And does motivation actually help us do things?

We look for motivation like it is something we need to have to push us forward towards our goals or passions.

If it’s not a thing, what is it? Is it a voice within us that tells us we can do more?

Is it an entity that gives us encouragement?

Is it the little moments we decide to ditch our doubts?

Or is it ourselves remembering that we are capable of anything we become aware of and creating it into the experience?

What does it even mean to be motivated?

Every time you say you need the motivation to do something you mean you need a motive?

Something outside of yourself to help you do things that you think you can’t do? Or even a reason to do what you know you can.

By Jessica Radanavong on Unsplash

The truth is that you don’t actually need anything outside of yourself to do things. All the greats new this and the best minds of today know it as well.

The word “motivation” has a collective understanding which is related to the lack there of.

We all look for motivation like it would be something that completes us, but the truth is often unlikely.

Motivation is like rocket fuel. It gets you going quickly, but it burns out just as quickly.

Believing that you need “motivation” will only serve to keep you depressed in the long run.

Until you realize the ENERGY FORCE called motivation is within you all time.

It always has been and it always will be.

Thanks for reading! I trust you were able to mull over a bit on your beliefs when it comes to motivation. Find that inner fire, ignite the flame, and keep it lit!

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