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The Importance of Internal Dialogue

by Madoc Maduka 15 days ago in self help

The compelling reasons why you should practice regular self-talk.

The Importance of Internal Dialogue
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“If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment “—Marcus Aurelius

Words can be mentally energizing or enervating. What you say about yourself affects how you feel about life, and how you go about it. It also influences how you feel about your job and relationships.

Talking to yourself when necessary doesn’t make you a silly person. And it doesn’t matter if people think you’re going nuts or that you’re weird each time they see you talking to yourself provided that the practice is yielding desirable outcomes.

Internal dialogue is the conversation you have with yourself in your conscious state. Folks that are into it understand its importance having experienced both the small and huge benefits of self-talk.

Voices are always popping up in your head. It could be positive, or negative voices like:

  • You’re a failure.
  • When will you ever get it right?
  • You have nothing good to offer.
  • The other person is better than you.

These voices might be cropping up as a result of a recent defeat. Or because of negative comments from someone. It can be for any reason. But you can control the extent to which negative comments and thoughts impact your life through regular self-talk.

Internal dialogue is a practice that’d allow you to choose words that are appropriate for that particular moment in your life. You’ll also through self-talk, filter voices and thoughts, discard some unhelpful thoughts, and reduce the impact of the negative thoughts in your life. You’d then saturate your mind with positive words through reaffirmation of your belief in yourself.

You Can Through Internal Dialogue Cultivate a Positive Mindset.

Beautify your inner dialogue. Beautify your inner world with love light and compassion. Life will be beautiful — Amit Ray.

The mindset of an individual that regularly speaks positive words into his or her life isn’t going to be the same as the mindset of someone that does the opposite. Positive words are the right words that’ll get you mentally prepared and set you on the path to success.

Self-confidence can be lacking in your life if you don’t regularly reassert your belief in your abilities.

What do you say about yourself? Have you been telling yourself that you can’t make it and yet expect to cultivate the right habit and possess the requisite mental energy to consistently put up a performance that’d bring success?

“You can’t hammer yourself with hatred and build a life of happiness — “ Curtis Tyrone Jones

How often do you converse with yourself and remind yourself how awesome you are? And how uniquely talented you are?

Positive words like:

  • I can make it.
  • I have confidence in my abilities.
  • I believe I have what they’re looking for in this job.
  • I’m undeterred by the size of the challenge because I trust in my abilities.

Can go a long way to help you feel good about yourself and your abilities when you’re getting ready to take up a new challenge. It’d also be the main reason why you’re going to perform well when it’s time to display your talent and abilities.

It’s worth mentioning that positive self-talk doesn’t mean you’re everything you’re saying about yourself. It also doesn’t mean you have all it takes to succeed in your endeavors. But it’s going to help you as you consistently strive to succeed. It’d play a key role in transforming you into the kind of individual you fervently desire to become.

Also, using self-talk to fill your mind with positive thoughts and energy doesn’t guarantee success in whatever you’re pursuing, but it’d help keep you in the right mindset. You’d be able to do away with negative thoughts capable of enfeebling your resolve to go after your goals with enthusiasm and resilience.

Also, as you regularly speak positive words into your life — you’d strengthen the connection between you and your emotions. You’d develop an empowering mindset that’d support you to find yourself at that level you frequently envisage and talk to yourself about.

You Can Through Internal Dialogue Have a Better Understanding Of an Issue And Maybe Find a Solution.

You can through Internal dialogue draw closer to a situation that might remain far from your understanding if you don’t take time to examine it closely by talking to yourself about it.

At times important or unimportant issues can all of a sudden become stressful. This happens particularly after you overthink some issues and inadvertently allow them to occupy an undeserved space in your mind…

I’ll go to a quiet place each time I want to talk to myself over anything in my life. I’d start by asking questions that I might be unable to answer, but it’d allow me to have a better understanding of the matter.

During the process, my mind would pick up new ideas. The process would take me in different directions until I decide the action to take. My decision mightn’t be the solution, but it might at the very least provide more information about the situation.

I’d use a pen to write some of the things down or maybe make a rough sketch of actions I’m considering taking — and how I’d go about it. A sketch or notes always works for me because I can always refer to them when necessary.

What you need to resolve a situation is the right information and a better understanding of the situation. And you can achieve both through Internal dialogue. There might not be immediate solutions, but knowing that solutions are available would help you not to fret over the issue. You’d preserve your mental energy and channel your focus on taking viable steps to resolve the issue.

Why you should regularly practice self-talk

  • Internal dialogue can help you to feel more connected with your emotions. You’d find out that you’re more in tune with your feelings if you’re into regular self-talk. You’d have more control over how you react, and how you approach certain things in your life.
  • It’s easy to put into practice, and very helpful in having a better understanding of issues that if unattended to could degenerate into unnecessary worry. You can through Internal dialogue understand the true weight of a matter. When you know the true weight of a matter, you’ll understand why it's not worth it to fret over it.

* Words are very powerful and capable of making so many things possible. You can through Internal dialogue speak positive words into your life. Words that’d help keep you upbeat and enthusiastic about your goals and desires in life.

  • You can also through internal dialogue speak the result you want to see into existence. You speak the life you want to live into manifestation. Some people like to do this through routine prayers. While some like to do it in front of their mirrors. It doesn’t matter how you do it. What matters is to use the process to fill yourself with the right words that would empower you and position you to see — and experience the things you desire in life.
  • ***

    The more I use internal dialogue to handle some seemingly insignificant matters, the more I realize that I can likewise apply it to important issues and see positive outcomes.

    Though it doesn’t bring an instant remedy to an issue, it helps to minimize worry. And with that, you can have a steady focus on finding the panacea. Your trust in your ability to turn things around would come alive. It’d begin to manifest in the form of renewed energy, resilience, and increased effort towards actualizing your goals and desires.

    You can also through Internal dialogue develop the right mindset that’d help you to approach your tasks with hope and optimism. This works because the more you choose to only speak the right words to yourself the stronger your resolve and belief to succeed irrespective of the size of the task.



    Internal dialogue is neither the elixir to our ills — nor the panacea to our many foibles, but it’s a very helpful practice that can help you build the kind of life you want.

    It helps the mind to filter and discard unimportant thoughts that’d become fretful and mentally enervating if you excessively dwell on them.

    Of all the heartache I will ever know, only some of it will be real. The rest, I will create — Crystal Woods.

    Internal dialogue helps to bring some issues to the place of a better understanding and possible solution. If you don’t take time to talk to yourself about what’s going on in your life, then you mightn’t know when you unwittingly exacerbate the impact of some issues. Or when you make the wrong decisions.

    In my experience, the best position for an effective self-talk session is standing. This position is ideal because it’d allow you to feel in control of the moment. It’d add strength to your body and potency to the words you speak to yourself.

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