The Human Experience

by Dominique Boyer 3 months ago in happiness

we're a weird and funny species aren't we?

The Human Experience
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The thing about joy is it comes in waves, like everything . The same way awful things don't last forever, neither do the good things. It's all a series of ebbs and flows and waves that we learn to ride better with time. Finding things that bring you joy help to prolong those good moments. They also help you to appreciate the good moments that much more, because we know they're fleeting and it's all a part of this weird human experience we've been chosen to endure.

One of the biggest lessons I've learned is to just sit in it. Whatever stage you're in, just sit in it. If you're feeling on top of the world, bask in it. If you're feeling lower than sea level/self deprecating, embrace it. If you're feeling jealous, insecure, or lesser than, acknowledge it. By resisting, shutting down, or ruining pure moments with impending doom, it makes living that much harder. If you're able to just accept where you are at every moment, joy can eventually become your default. But since it's easier said than done, you have to work to strengthen it like a muscle. I know I do. It's innate for me to think the worst, to worry, to fall into a pattern of negativity. But having inspiring/funny photos, videos and motivating words shared by others that I can turn to to bring me joy (and having the reminder that it's all temporary) makes things so much more enjoyable.

Here are some of the things that bring me joy:

You know how we used to go to zoos to observe animals' behavior and the interesting ways they communicate/live? This account is reminiscent of that...but in reverse. When you take a step outside of being a human for a sec and really think about the ways we show affection, sadness, distress, and joy, it's kinda funny. This account perfectly pokes fun at the human experience in a quirky way and it always makes me laugh.

This is a bit of a cheat because it's a sad kind of joy that this photo brings me. The day we lost Robin Williams was a heartbreaking day, but all of the words of encouragement, humor, and unforgettable moments he left behind were joyous. This photo/quote always reminds me that while it's beautiful to spread joy to others, take care of yourself first.

To be honest, I don't remember the first time I watched Flashdance. I only remember wearing a black bathing suit and borrowing my moms tube socks when she wasn't home to recreate this maniac scene. I would sprinkle water from the sink onto my face and dance from the kitchen to the living room. I'd already been exposed to Fosse's "Sweet Charity", Michael's moonwalk, and Janet's "Rhythm Nation", but it was something about Flashdance that made my bones feel alive. There are just so many iconic scenes in the film and the dancing is just...ugh. If it were possible to put the entire movie here, instead of just this scene, I would've. It might be a cheesy 80's movie to some, but to me it's a jumpstart, a celebration. I'm a sucker for dance films, and this one in particular ties in my weird obsession with 80's baggy but cinched style, frizzy hair, triumphant songs, and borderline unrealistic dance stunts. It also kinda ties into my own ambitions and story; I don't have any technical training either, just a love and passion for dance (and music). It's inspiring to see her go after her dreams in such a determined way, despite being "lesser than" her peers. I know I know, it's a scripted movie. But it's inspiring, it's sexy, and it makes you feel like anything is possible.

What's more joyful than that?

Dominique Boyer
Dominique Boyer
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